18 October 2016
HRW: Death of Turkmen Dissident Journalist’s Brother ‘Suspicious’

Chary Annamuradov’s last living brother was kidnapped and beaten to death last month; three others had already died suspicious deaths.

18 October 2016
British Bank Closes Russian Broadcaster RT Accounts

UK government denies any role in NatWest’s unexplained move to close the Kremlin’s English-language mouthpiece.

10 October 2016
Hungary’s ‘Crackdown’ on Critical Media Sparks Protests

The closure of Hungary’s largest newspaper, Nepszabadsag, has fueled concerns the government is silencing its critics.

3 October 2016
Not-So-Phantom Menace Premium
Reporters Without Borders warns of increasing oligarch control over the media and the effect that is having on journalism in Eastern Europe and beyond.
By Peter Gross
28 September 2016
Russian Investigative Journalist Beaten in Siberia Premium

Grigory Pasko, who teaches investigative techniques, was denounced as a ‘spy,’ ‘traitor,’ and ‘foreign agent’ ahead of his arrival in Altai for a seminar. 

15 September 2016
Russia Blocks Access to Popular Porn Sites

As alternative to streaming porn, country’s media watchdog suggests meeting real people.

14 September 2016
Czech Man Shocked by Impact of Hillary Clinton Video
Concerns about the U.S. presidential candidate’s health emerged after a man from Moravia filmed a faint Clinton on 11 September.
14 September 2016
How Kosovo’s Public Television Lost Its Luster

After years of praise for its editorial coverage, political interference jeopardizes the future of Kosovo's public broadcaster.

By Naser Miftari
12 September 2016
The Zrada Card Premium
A sense of destitution and forlornness among Ukrainian journalists led to the prevalence of the zrada (‘betrayal’) and peremoha (‘victory’) themes in the local media. From The London Review of Books.
By Peter Pomerantsev



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