9 October 2015
No New Theme Music for Game of Thrones

Rumors of a new Russian soundtrack for the show have been greatly exaggerated.

By Aliautsina Kuzmiankova
2 October 2015
Estonia Launches Russian TV Channel

EU reportedly making plans to counteract Kremlin-backed “disinformation” campaign.

22 September 2015
Azerbaijan Claims ‘Accreditation’ Behind Journalists’ Detention

President Aliev’s advisor warns VOA radio among those ‘operating illegally’ in country.

18 September 2015
Russian News Website Fires Chief Editor

Sacking connected to recent interview with opposition leader, sources say.

Maxim Zimin 100
11 September 2015
Foreign Media Companies Selling Up, Quitting Russia

Publishing groups to sell assets before foreign ownership law comes into force.

Yulia Berezovskaya
30 August 2015
How One Kremlin Critic Is Taking On the Censors (and Losing) Premium

In Putin’s third term, small websites have been blocked and larger outlets have been pressured into editorial changes. From Global Voices.

By Kevin Rothrock



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