23 May 2016
A Fishy Czech Dispute

Carp fanatics face off against Czech Republic’s most famous fisherman.

10 May 2016
Jumping Fish in Latvia

In an annual rite of spring, thousands of spawning fish are attempting to jump over the country’s famous waterfall Venta Rapid.

27 April 2016
A Family Reflects on the Chernobyl Disaster Premium

Three generations explain how their lives were transformed by the nuclear explosion in 1986. From The Guardian.

By Olga Tsvetkova
30 March 2016
Poland Gives Go-Ahead To Controversial Logging Program Premium

The plans to allow large-scale logging in the Bialowieza forest are likely to put the country on a collision course with environmentalists and the European Union.

25 March 2016
Cleaning Up Eastern Europe’s Radioactive Legacy Premium
Romanian and Czech authorities are failing to ensure the safety of former uranium miners and other people exposed to contamination, an investigation claims.
16 March 2016
Przewalski's Horses Headed to Russia, Mongolia Premium

European breeding programs are helping keep the critically endangered wild horse from extinction.

9 March 2016
Chernobyl Still a Hazardous Wasteland, Greenpeace Says Premium

Strontium-90 levels have actually risen, posing a danger to people living near the devastated nuclear plant.

1 March 2016
Rare Slovenian Cave Dweller Expects Offspring Premium

The pink salamander’s reproductive habits have captivated scientists and Postojna Cave tourists.


9 February 2016
Zagreb Mulls Green Energy Future Premium

New government indicates coal will take a back seat to less carbon-intensive fuels in line with EU policy.




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