30 August 2016
What’s So Ethical About Mining for Mammoth Tusks?

The rush for the ‘white gold’ of Siberia is devastating fragile landscapes and furthering the illegal trade in elephant ivory.

29 August 2016
25 Years Later, Kazakhstan Grapples With Effects of Nuclear Tests

Local residents near the notorious Semipalatinsk testing ground say radiation has left a deadly toll of disease.

8 August 2016
Macedonia Mourns Victims of Flash Flood

At least 21 die as torrential downpour overwhelms villages near Skopje.

4 August 2016
‘Zombie’ Anthrax Threatening Remote Siberian Peninsula

Experts believe rising temperatures in the Arctic Circle caused permafrost to thaw and release infectious anthrax spores from a diseased reindeer carcass.

21 July 2016
Plitvice Lakes National Park in Danger of Losing World Heritage Status

Unchecked construction and extensive tourism might cost the park its spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List

20 July 2016
Anger Grows Over Albanian Plan to Tame Wild River
Governmental plans to generate hydropower from the Vjosa River draw protests from environmentalists, locals.
12 July 2016
Mongolian Dam Funding Paused Over Russian Concerns Premium

In a rare show of unity, the Kremlin and environmental groups concur on the risks posed to unique Lake Baikal by the proposed dam.

12 July 2016
Still a Mystery: The Tunguska Explosion Premium

Most scientists believe that “the most powerful explosion in documented history,” as the BBC put it, was caused by a meteor or a comet. All agree it left part of Siberia a wasteland.  

7 July 2016
Protests Underway at Budapest Park Despite Police Action Premium

Activists and a large proportion of Budapest residents oppose plans to cut down trees in order to make way for costly museum district.

24 June 2016
Prague May Get Driverless Buses Premium

If all goes according to plan, residents of the Czech capital might soon be surprised to enter city buses without anyone behind the wheel.




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