9 February 2016
Zagreb Mulls Green Energy Future

New government indicates coal will take a back seat to less carbon-intensive fuels in line with EU policy.

8 February 2016
Albanian Lawmakers Pass Logging Ban

Illegal and legal logging may have destroyed more than half the country’s forests since 1990, environmentalists say.

15 January 2016
Romania Protects Ancient Site From Mining

Rosia Montana’s historical value outweighs the gold and silver in nearby deposits, the government decides.

13 January 2016
Illegal Logging Named a Threat to Romanian Security

Half of Europe’s virgin forest outside Russia is at risk from rampant unregulated cutting.

15 December 2015
‘Smoking Chimney’ Law Divides Czech Government

Christian Democrats say amendment violates constitutional privacy guarantee; environmentalists say it lets heavy polluters off the hook.

11 December 2015
Toxic Waste Remains at Ukraine Site, Despite $125m Project

Investigation by Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project points to a dangerous fraud.

3 December 2015
Czechs, Bulgarians Won’t Oppose Russian Pipeline Expansion
Prague and Sofia won’t sign Eastern European group’s letter calling on EU to block Nord Stream-2 pipeline bypassing Ukraine.

3 December 2015
Bosnian Floods: Political Abuse of Natural Disaster
The reconstruction effort after the Bosnian floods in 2014 has enlisted the resources of regional and international governments and institutions.  But it is not always clear what has happened to promised funds.
By Arnes Grabesic




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