9 August 2016
Melania Trump Speech Unleashes Nasty Academic Debate

South Slavic scholars jump all over Polish-American professor’s claim of an inborn East European tendency to cheat.

9 August 2016
Mental Athletics Increasingly Popular in Mongolia

Mongolians, statistically, are the world’s best speed memorizers, in no small part thanks to one man’s visionary scheme.

3 August 2016
School Wars

Kids, teachers, even the president agree: Lithuania’s alarming level of school bullying is just one of many ills that are spreading misery across society.

By Linas Jegelevicius
28 July 2016
Romanian Council Upholds Plagiarism Verdict for Former PM

Although Victor Ponta formally gave up his title in 2014, he still claims that plagiarism charges are politically motivated.

21 July 2016
Yazidis on Edge

Armenia’s largest ethnic minority fears the impact of administrative reform on local-language education.

2 June 2016
Croatians March for Educational Reform Premium
Alleged political pressure stalls move for change and tens of thousands demonstrate.
29 April 2016
Russian Rector Warns of U.S. Threat Premium
New instructions tell academics to encourage their students to avoid contacts with foreigners.
21 April 2016
Hungarian Teachers Strike Against Centralization Premium

Protest is first full-day strike since Prime Minister Viktor Orban took power in 2010.


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