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26 November 2015
Bulgarian Diaspora Grows as Home Population Keeps Shrinking
Remittances from foreign-based workers are vital to the nation’s economy.
25 November 2015
Aliev’s Pyrrhic Victory

Another election victory cannot mask the cracks that are beginning to appear in Azerbaijan’s power structure.

By Aleksandra Jarosiewicz
25 November 2015
Russia Halts Gas Supplies to Ukraine
Moscow cut gas supplies to Kyiv for nonpayment, may halt coal deliveries over Crimea blackout.
20 November 2015
Moldova: Water – Source of Corruption?

Moldova’s environmental fund give grants without much oversight; one to the village of Gura Cainarului may land its mayor and local business in hot water.

By Marcela Zamosteanu, and Dorin Galben
20 November 2015
In Space, Diamonds Are Not Forever
A Soviet-era weapon designed to protect orbiting spies is revealed on Russian TV.
18 November 2015
EU Set to Launch Ukraine Trade Pact, Poroshenko Says
Attempts at ‘modern, efficient’ economic reform have been hampered by pervasive corruption, cronyism.
18 November 2015
EU Puts Brakes on Hungarian Nuke Plant: Report
Russian-financed deal being probed for allegedly violating competition rules.



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