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5 February 2016
Ukrainian Corruption Could Endanger IMF Loan

Sudden resignation of economy minister over high-level corruption could influence lender’s decision on the latest tranche of its bailout program.


29 January 2016
Azerbaijan Seeks Support From IMF, World Bank

Despite oil price slump and currency crisis, Baku says there’s no ‘urgent’ need to borrow from international lenders.


27 January 2016
Bucharest Extends Lifeline to Moldova

Romania’s loan offer comes a week after the latest government took office amid mass protests in Chisinau against corruption.

26 January 2016
Latvian Bank Watchdog Steps Down to Quell ‘Suspicions’

Banks in the Baltic state are suspected of laundering billions in ill-gotten gains from Russia and Moldova.

21 January 2016
Czech PM Bids for Chinese Investment

Prague is jostling for Beijing’s largesse with other Central and East European countries.

20 January 2016
Azerbaijan Takes More Steps to Check Economic Slump

Low oil price is undermining currencies in energy exporting countries throughout Russia’s sphere of influence.

15 January 2016
Azeris Vent Anger Over High Prices

Troops sent in to quell unrest as the impact of slumping oil prices grows across Russia’s sphere of influence.

14 January 2016
‘Bulgaria Stream’ Pipeline Could Replace South Stream

Russia could build a pipeline to a new gas hub on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Boyko Borisov says.

14 January 2016
Ukraine Plots New ‘Silk Road’ to Kazakhstan Skirting Russia

In response to Moscow’s trade restrictions, Kyiv will bypass Russia when shipping goods to Kazakhstan, announces counter-sanctions.

13 January 2016
Currency Jitters Hit Central Asian Savers

Turkmenistan bans foreign currency sales in latest indication of region’s vulnerability to low energy prices. 




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