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18 August 2017
Macron, CEE Leaders to Discuss Contentious Labor Rules

Critics say French president’s vision of a more ‘protected’ Europe means discrimination against low-wage EU countries.

17 August 2017
TAP Progress is Music to Albanian Ears

Much-needed investment is flowing into the Balkans but the pipeline still requires additional financing. 

17 August 2017
Eurasian Union Luster Starts to Fade in Armenia

While Russia remains Armenia’s guarantor of security and most important trading partner, resentment over the hugely unequal relationship is growing. From JAMnews. 

By Naira Hayrumyan
10 August 2017
‘Bulgarian Las Vegas’ Granted Priority Investment Status

The sprawling, Chinese-led St. Sofia project will include hotels, casinos, office spaces and residential areas. 

7 August 2017
Food Fight in the Balkans Premium
In latest spat between Croatia and Serbia, Belgrade essentially bans Croatian foods.
2 August 2017
Washington Hails Ukraine Coal Deal as Blow to Russia Premium

A Pennsylvania company is set to become one of Ukraine’s biggest coal suppliers in a deal that may have more political than commercial impact.

27 July 2017
Russia Urges Ukrainians to Visit Their Lost Territory Premium

Is Ukraine actively trying to sabotage Crimea’s tourism business?

20 July 2017
Crowdfunded Russian Satellite Could Outshine the Stars Premium

Mayak’s main purpose is to inspire new generations of space explorers. Some astronomers aren’t amused.

14 July 2017
Russia’s Yandex Takes Lion’s Share of Uber Deal Premium

The search engine giant will control almost 60 percent of a new ride-sharing company with a six-country reach.

14 July 2017
In Eurasia, Cryptocurrency Is the Next Big Thing Premium

Kazakhstan launches what it hopes will be an incubator for digital money and financial technology startups.





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