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29 June 2016
The Juggernaut Stumbles

The grim fate of Russia’s energy economy.

By Matthew Finkel
28 June 2016
Belarus Experiments With New Kind of Money: Coins
Banknotes to shed four zeroes in leader Lukashenka’s latest bid to slow inflation.
24 June 2016
New Russian Tech Initiative to Pursue Teleportation

State funds will cover half of the initial costs of the project, which also calls for 5G internet and cyber-defense centers.  

20 June 2016
Chinese Leader Talks Trade in Belgrade, Warsaw

The search for new export markets is the underlying reason for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trip to Serbia and Poland.

17 June 2016
Out of the Darkness in Albania

After 18 years some rural Albanian families will finally be able to sit around their dining room tables in the light.

15 June 2016
New App Will Simplify Mail Delivery in Mongolia
The app assigns a three-word combination to every point on the planet, ideal for the billions who have no mailing address.
7 June 2016
Legal Conflict Escalates over Kyrgyz Gold Mine

The Kyrgyz government has launched a criminal investigation of the Canadian company that owns the Kumtor mine.

1 June 2016
Ukrainian Engines Could Power U.S. Spacecraft Premium
U.S. sanctions against Russia are forcing NASA to find new rocket engine suppliers by 2019.
31 May 2016
Parts of Central and Eastern Europe Becoming More Competitive Premium

A new ranking shows big gains for some countries, as the gap with Western Europe closes.

20 May 2016
Lithuania Faces a “Cauliflower Revolution” Premium

Outrage over high supermarket prices leads to a boycott and, maybe just maybe, lower prices.




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