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23 May 2017
UN Report Warns of Growing Clampdown in Belarus

After a period of going easy on dissent, the Lukashenka regime crushed nationwide protests in March.

18 May 2017
Azeri Missile Attack Ups Tensions in Karabakh

Each side says the other caused only minor damage, no casualties in skirmishes this week.

18 May 2017
Uzbekistan Set to Garner Chinese Largesse

Xi, Mirziyoyev also find common ground on the fight against the Three Evil Forces.

17 May 2017
Ukraine Blames Presidential Website Cyberattack on Russia

The move might have come in retaliation for Kyiv’s banning of popular Russian social networks and internet businesses. 

9 May 2017
Russian Spy Sentenced to Prison in Estonia

The Baltic country has experienced a growing number of people spying on behalf of its eastern neighbor. 

3 May 2017
French Presidential Candidate Takes Aim at Poland

Emmanuel Macron compares Polish leader to Putin and Orban, days after threatening sanctions on Warsaw.   

2 May 2017
Czech President to Lead EU Parade at China Summit

The high-level meeting could strengthen the ever-closer rapprochement between eastern EU countries and Beijing.

2 May 2017
Putin Hosts Merkel for Low-Key Talks

Questions raised about Poland’s detention of Austrian man suspected of killing POWs in Ukraine.

27 April 2017
Serbia Calls Ambassador Home Over Haradinaj Release Premium

A French court’s denial of extradition request for the former Kosovan guerrilla leader adds to Belgrade’s already strained relations with Pristina.

27 April 2017
Hungary’s ‘CEU Law’ Under EU Scrutiny Premium

Viktor Orban accuses university founder Soros of destroying the lives of millions.





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