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24 June 2016
A Wake-Up Call For Europe

While many Central Europeans mourn the Leave victory in the UK’s referendum, the region’s leaders say the vote should push the EU to revamp its policies – and quickly.

By Lyubomir Martinov
20 June 2016
EU Pledges Funds for Kosovo War Crimes Court

Past and present leading politicians could face charges for gruesome mistreatment of civilians during independence struggle.

15 June 2016
Ukrainian Guns Could Flood Western Europe, Experts Caution

Arrest of Frenchman with a small arsenal has ramped up concerns about Donbas weapons being smuggled westward.

14 June 2016
U.S. Easing Pressure on Hardline Central Asian Regimes
State Department’s budget request emphasizes concrete policy goals instead of loosely worded calls to defend rights and freedoms.
13 June 2016
Poland and Baltic States Seek Missile Shield to Deter Russia

Divisions within NATO could stymie demands from Russian neighbors for bigger, better weaponry.

10 June 2016
Obama Hopes for Early End to Ukraine Conflict
Top White House aide Susan Rice says international efforts are intensifying to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
8 June 2016
Frenchman Plotted Attacks at Euro 2016, Kyiv Says
Ukraine arrested man with big weapons cache, but French prosecutor says he was likely just a gunrunner.
1 June 2016
Polanski Should Face U.S. Justice for Child Sex, Poland Says Premium

Director has eluded several U.S. requests for his extradition to be sentenced for the 1977 abuse of a 13-year-old girl.

27 May 2016
EU to Bosnia: Publish the Census

Brussels says long-delayed failure to publish the results could harm country’s EU aspirations.




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