Conflict & Diplomacy

18 January 2017
Washington Slaps Sanctions on Bosnian Serb Leader

The secession-minded Milorad Dodik still hopes to get a visa in time for the Trump inauguration.

17 January 2017
Lithuania Plans to Fence Off Russian Exclave

Decision, following similar moves by other Baltic states, comes amid major NATO military buildup in the region.

16 January 2017
Serbian Train Stopped at the Kosovo Border

Bearing the slogan “Kosovo is Serbia,” along with Serbian Orthodox religious symbols, the train has provoked a major clash between Belgrade and Pristina. 

13 January 2017
‘Wrong Cohen’ Could Undermine Lurid Trump Leak

Did the British ex-spy behind allegations of Trump’s Russian ties also investigate a Bulgarian official?

11 January 2017
Soros-funded NGOs Face Blacklist in Hungary

Budapest will do all it can to “sweep out” NGOs funded by Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros, which “serve global capitalists,” the ruling party's vice president said. 

10 January 2017
Cyberattacks Raise Concerns Over Russian Meddling in Montenegro

The small Balkan state could get the green light for NATO entry within weeks, a step Moscow fiercely opposes.

9 January 2017
Thousands of U.S. Troops En Route to Eastern Europe

Hundreds of tanks, fighting vehicles, and attack helicopters to be deployed in unprecedented operation.

6 January 2017
Turkey Blames Istanbul Attack on Uighurs, Central Asians Premium

President Erdogan’s stance as the post-Ottoman protector of the Turkic peoples could backfire as militants infiltrate the country. 

6 January 2017
Former Kosovo PM Held in France

Serbia to request extradition of ex-guerrilla chief Ramush Haradinaj to face war crimes accusations.

5 January 2017
Ukraine Mulls Banning Marine Le Pen

French far-right presidential candidate sparked Kyiv’s outrage after defending the legitimacy of Crimea’s 2014 annexation. 




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