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20 July 2005
Blind to the Truth Premium
One of the most prominent German writers enlists Slobodan Milosevic as an ally in his running battle against modernity.
By Tobias K. Vogel
14 July 2005
From Srebrenica to the Middle Ages Premium
A small British publisher teams up with the London-based Bosnian Institute to produce four valuable books on Bosnia.
By Tim Judah
1 July 2005
How the War Was Won Premium
The tale of a Brooklyn roofer who lured America into a war to end “communist oppression” in Kosovo.
By Elmira Bayrasli
16 June 2005
Branding the Hutsuls Premium
Now that the Carpathians are being absorbed into the EU, will tourism marketeers have to change their tactics?
By Patrice M. Dabrowski
26 May 2005
Mind the Generation Gap Premium
We wanted it all but had to compromise to stay alive, say the first generation of post-communist Poles. We wanted it all too, but we got nothing, rejoin their younger siblings.
By Colin Graham
26 May 2005
Point and Shoot Premium
Tibor Kocsis lets the people and the landscapes of the Romanian highlands speak for themselves in his film about the hotly-contested Rosia Montana gold mine.
By Elke de Wit
6 May 2005
Keeping the Peace Premium
Why will Uzbek cinemas and television be showing no war films on Victory Day, or after?
By Azamat Alikov
5 May 2005
Things Post-German Premium
How can Poles mourn for Poland’s Polish-German past without mourning for the Germans? Perhaps through fiction and through objects.
By Joanna Nizynska


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