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26 July 2016
Satirical Donald Duck Cartoon Un-Banned in Russia Premium

Deemed extremist, the award-winning cartoon had previously landed an internet user in jail for six months. 

19 July 2016
With Blinders On Premium

Russia’s privileged young millennials are savvy and sophisticated but also disillusioned, paranoid, and politically apathetic.

By Violeta Davoliute
14 July 2016
Belarusian Customs Officials Corner Red Hot Chili Peppers Premium

Mistaken for Metallica, the band plays along and signs autographs. 

11 July 2016
New HBO Miniseries Explores Life in a Czech Mining Village Premium

Cable giant makes another successful foray into local programming, using top local talent. 

27 June 2016
Albania: The Worst and the Brightest Premium

Two new books in English shed light on modern-day Albania, from the rise of its Stalinist dictatorship to its far from complete transition to democracy.

By Besar Likmeta
20 June 2016
Whatever Happened to Pussy Riot? Premium
Iconoclasts to some, icons to others – we look at what they’re up to today.
By Anna Bisikalo
10 June 2016
Controversial Russian Artist Pavlensky Freed Premium
Known for harming himself as a form of protest, Pavlensky was fined for damaging ‘cultural heritage’ – the doors to Moscow’s KGB/FSB headquarters.
10 June 2016
On the Lighter Side: Wacky Bridge Stories Premium
Think the Kadyrov scandal is the only strange bridge story out there? Think again.
By Matt Finkel



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