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4 September 2018
Uzbek Telecoms Bribery Case Opens in Sweden Premium

Two telecoms have already paid big fines for handing out bribes worth some half-billion dollars to late Uzbek leader Karimov’s daughter.

Patriarch Bartholomew
4 September 2018
Orthodox Spiritual Head Backs Autonomy for Ukrainian Church Premium

Russian church is slowly losing followers in Ukraine, although its influence remains strong.

Skopje 100
3 September 2018
Architectural Games in the Balkans Premium

While some celebrate the Brutalist buildings of Macedonia, others condemn the new additions to historic ruins in neighboring Bulgaria.

31 August 2018
Washington Calls on Russia to Cease Searches of Ukrainian Ships Premium

Kyiv plans to respond by strengthening naval and other forces in the Azov Sea.

31 August 2018
Rock Star, Comedian Could Join Ukrainian Presidential Race Premium

Former premier Yulia Tymoshenko also likely to challenge Petro Poroshenko in next spring’s election.

30 August 2018
Putin Walks Back Higher Retirement Age Premium

Pension reform needed, but women should be shielded from its harshest effects, Russian leader says.

30 August 2018
Serbia Mulls Law to Encourage Cyrillic Use Premium

Their parents’ script is losing its allure for young people immersed in the Latin-dominated online world.

29 August 2018
Hungary Finds an Ally in Italy Over Anti-Migrant Stance Premium

Top officials vow to forge union ‘that excludes socialists and the left, that brings back to the center the values and identity’ their parties embody.

29 August 2018
Letter From Trump’s Lawyer Criticizing Anti-Corruption Drive Ignites Spat in Romania Premium

In a letter addressed to the Romanian president, Rudolph Giuliani suggests amnesty for the ‘many innocent people’ convicted through ‘excesses’ made in the name of ‘law enforcement.’

28 August 2018
Central Europe’s Labor Shortage Expected to Worsen Premium

Some economists predict the end of the boom years in Central and Eastern Europe.



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