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11 June 2018
Romanians Rally Against Anti-Fraud Squad

Ruling party calls demonstration against agency it claims has tarnished the country’s reputation with witch-hunt tactics.

8 June 2018
Montenegro Public Broadcaster Sacks Director

The EU and the U.S. join local journalists, activists in condemning the move, seen as an attempt by ruling party to stifle editorial independence.

7 June 2018
Former CIA Officer Testifies in Montenegro Coup Plot Trial

Moscow denies lurid allegations of involvement in plot to install pro-Russian government.

7 June 2018
Ukrainian Lawmakers Approve Anti-Corruption Court

Move may help unlock critical IMF funding for the country’s war-scarred economy.

7 June 2018
Romanian Wins Landmark Marriage Rights Case

EU court says member states cannot restrict residency rights of third-country nationals legally married to a union citizen.

6 June 2018
Russian TV Channel Puts a (Fake) Smile on Kim Jong-un

Despite evidence to the contrary, Russian TV show host vows that North Korean leader’s smile was genuine.

6 June 2018
‘The System Should Be Destroyed,’ Georgian Protest Leader Says

Controversial verdict in murder case of two teenagers catalyzes demonstrations against corruption, which have already rattled the upper echelons of power.

5 June 2018
Killing Exposes Persistence of Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Although the custom can lead to years in prison, women are still regularly forced into marriage.

5 June 2018
Russia Convicts Ukrainian Journalist of Espionage

Sushchenko case fuels suspicion that journalists on both sides are being manipulated by shadowy operators.

5 June 2018
Warsaw Wants Permanent U.S. Base: Reports

A large NATO exercise kicked off in Poland and the Baltics Sunday amid speculation about beefed-up American presence.



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