Around the Bloc

9 October 2015
Estonia on DNA Collection Drive

All citizens to get free access to genetic data for personalized health care.

Mutabar Tadjibayeva
9 October 2015
UN: Uzbekistan Must Investigate Human Rights Abuse Claims

Activist wins landmark case over allegations of torture, rape, and forced sterilization.

9 October 2015
Russia Dominates NATO Talks

Allies send more troops to the eastern border to create 'more persistent presence.'

9 October 2015
Tear Gas Fired in Kosovo Parliament

Opposition threatens more protests to come over Serbia-Kosovo deal.

9 October 2015
No New Theme Music for Game of Thrones

Rumors of a new Russian soundtrack for the show have been greatly exaggerated.

By Aliautsina Kuzmiankova
8 October 2015
Belarusian Journalist Wins Nobel

Ukrainian-born Svetlana Alexievich awarded 2015 Nobel Prize for literature – for her non-fiction oral histories.

8 October 2015
The Art of ‘Secondary Architecture’: Raw, Recycled – and Roma

A self-taught Romani architect joins forces with an artist to breathe new life into tossed-aside objects.

By Milica Dimitrijevic
8 October 2015
Bulgaria Denies Kyrgyzstan Extradition Request

Canadian mining company ex-CEO faces ‘trumped-up’ corruption charges.

8 October 2015
Macedonia Kills 'Gag Bill' Amid Protests

Draft law was hoped to criminalize publication of 'bombshell' materials from mass wiretapping scandal.

8 October 2015
Azerbaijan Bars Entry to Amnesty Staff

Council of Europe pulling out of joint working group on human rights in Azerbaijan.




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