Around the Bloc

20 February 2017
Moldovan Artist Gives Tangible Form to “Theft of the Century”

According to its creator, the piles of fake bills totaling the billion dollars that went missing from local banks is meant to show the scale of the fraud. 

20 February 2017
Demonstrations Throughout Belarus Against “Parasite” Law

Authorities decide not to quash the protests – at least for now.

17 February 2017
Estonia Denies Spying on U.S. Officials

Prime minister slams story of an intelligence operation carried out by a Baltic country concerned by Trump’s ties with Russia.

17 February 2017
Central Europe Demands Western-Quality Foods

Food advocates say the food industry discriminates against the region by using lower-quality ingredients and more chemicals.

17 February 2017
Governors’ Resignations Part of ‘Rotation Process,’ Kremlin Says

Regional heads are stepping down as the country gears for elections later this year.

16 February 2017
St. Petersburg Split Over Cathedral Handover

Opponents say decision highlights growing influence of Orthodox Church in Russian life.

16 February 2017
Serbian President Drops Election Bombshell

If reports of Nikolic’s decision to stand for another term pan out, a feud with ruling party leaders seems inevitable.

16 February 2017
Kyiv, Rebels Agree on Weapons Pullback

Nationalist-led blockade on goods coming from rebel zone threatens to cripple heavy industry.

15 February 2017
Kyrgyzstan TV Show Divides Audiences
Does a competition for (a potential) mother-in-law’s approval celebrate tradition, or cultivate the exploitation of women?
15 February 2017
When the Alarm Sounds, Hunker in the Bunker

Does the revival of bunkermania in Russia and America herald a new Cold War?




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