Around the Bloc

28 October 2016
Zeman’s Revenge?

The Czech president is accused of denying a Holocaust survivor a medal of honor because of internal disputes about Czech-Chinese relations.

28 October 2016
Warsaw Refuses to Bow to Brussels

Poland stands its ground as EC deadline for legal system overhaul expires.  

27 October 2016
Bulgaria to Pay Russia Over 600 Million Euros for Belene
Settlement is the latest turn of events concerning the fate of cancelled nuclear power plant.

27 October 2016
Barbed Wire Is the Tie That Binds Belarus and Russia

Anonymous artist makes a pointed addition to a Minsk mural symbolizing the city’s friendship with Moscow.

27 October 2016
Slovakia Bans Anti-Roma Vigilante Patrols on Trains

Despite the new legislation, far-right party said it would not relent, and would even extend patrols to new regions. 

26 October 2016
Croats, Slovaks Biggest "Mama's Boys" in EU
Young people from EU’s southeastern countries live with parents longest in the EU, while young Balts and Central Europeans leave home earlier.
26 October 2016
Montenegro PM Resigns, Points Finger at Russia

Djukanovic decides to leave in the midst of accusations that Moscow was involved in alleged election day coup attempt.

25 October 2016
Kyrgyzstan's Ruling Coalition Collapses
President's party quits majority coalition over partners' refusal to support constitutional amendments.
25 October 2016
Belarus to Host Second Edition of European Games

Denmark cries foul as Baku, the games’ first host, passes the torch to Minsk, the only candidate for the 2019 competition. 

25 October 2016
NGOs: Reject Russia’s Bid to Join UN Human Rights Body
Russia’s role in Syria should disqualify it from representing Eastern Europe at the world’s foremost human rights body, global NGOs say.



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