Around the Bloc

28 June 2016
V4 Countries, Germany, and France Discuss British Pullout from EU

Meeting underlined radically different visions for the bloc held by the Central Europeans and the western powers.

28 June 2016
Belarus Experiments With New Kind of Money: Coins
Banknotes to shed four zeroes in leader Lukashenka’s latest bid to slow inflation.
28 June 2016
Georgia Ends Mandatory Military Conscription
Ruling party slams defense chief’s move as pre-election maneuvering.
28 June 2016
Russia, NATO Tangle Over Montenegro
The smallest Balkan country is finding itself caught between a traditional friend and a new ally.
27 June 2016
Post-Brexit, Poland Heads Calls for Smaller EU

British voters’ decision to leave could widen the gap between the union’s wealthy west and struggling east.

27 June 2016
Russian Anti-Terror Bill Is Disguised Repression, Critics Charge

The bill includes provisions for government communication surveillance and harsh penalties for propagating extremism online.

27 June 2016
Moldova Seizes Uranium, Detains Suspected Smugglers

Security services aided by FBI have stopped at least four attempts to smuggle radioactive materials out of the country.

27 June 2016
Pope Draws Turkish Ire for G-Word

Francis exhibited a ‘Crusade mentality’ on his trip to Armenia, Turkish deputy PM charges.

24 June 2016
A Wake-Up Call for Europe

While many Central Europeans mourn the Leave victory in the UK’s referendum, the region’s leaders say the vote should push the EU to revamp its policies – and quickly.

By Lyubomir Martinov
24 June 2016
Russia Bans Council of Europe From Monitoring Elections

The move comes in retaliation for the European body’s suspension of Russia’s voting rights in 2014. 




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