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31 August 2016
Romanian Unicyclist Delivers Daring Stunt

Footage shows Romanian Flaviu Cernescu performing stunts on the edge of a very tall chimney.

31 August 2016
Russian Olympic Medalists Have Mixed Feelings About Kremlin Gifts

Several Olympians plan to sell their newly received BMWs, a move that has divided opinions on RuNet.

31 August 2016
Constitutional Court Crisis in Georgia

Several members of the court and its chairman have been trading accusations about outside pressure and the way cases are handled. 

31 August 2016
Crackdown Intensifies In Pre-Election Chechnya

In a new report, Human Rights Watch describes Kadyrov's reign as “tyranny.”

30 August 2016
What’s So Ethical About Mining for Mammoth Tusks?

The rush for the ‘white gold’ of Siberia is devastating fragile landscapes and furthering the illegal trade in elephant ivory.

30 August 2016
Kosovo Activist Group Claims Credit for Grenade Attack

The attack on the head of the state broadcaster is another incident in a string of protests against a border deal with Montenegro.

30 August 2016
Viral Ukraine War Photo at Center of Controversy

A group of photographers says one of the most dramatic images of the war in eastern Ukraine is a fake.

30 August 2016
Roma Families Flee Ukrainian Village Ahead of Angry Mob

Villagers demand eviction of all Roma after a man was detained for the murder of a young girl.

29 August 2016
Uzbek President Karimov Suffers Stroke

Police, troops guarding Tashkent hospital where the country’s only post-independence leader is being treated.

29 August 2016
Serbia’s Jeremic Pushing Hard for Top UN Job

The world body’s unwritten rotation rule favors the sizeable crew of Central and East Europeans, but women candidates say the odds are stacked against them.




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