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Moldovan Police: Paramilitary Band Planned Uprising

 Group allegedly aimed to set up a breakaway territory like those in eastern Ukraine.

27 November 2015

Moldovan police have foiled a plot to launch attacks in the northern city of Balti, the Moldovan General Police Inspectorate said in a statement today.



Thirteen people detained on 25 November planned to recruit hundreds of followers in Balti, then release 400 inmates from a local prison prior to assaulting the city’s police headquarters and taking over factories in the region, the statement says.



Police said the group also planned attacks in Chisinau and the mostly Russian-speaking southern Gagauzia region.


moldova police raidA photo posted with the General Police Inspectorate’s statement on the 25 November arrests.


Their aim was to set up a separatist state in the north similar to the pro-Russian breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine, the Associated Press reports.


Eight people have been charged with being part of the paramilitary group. Police said their suspected leader is from eastern Ukraine.


Six of the 13 suspects have criminal records for offenses ranging from theft to human trafficking. Three have Russian or Ukrainian citizenship in addition to Moldovan, the police statement says.



  • The suspects could be charged with forming a military unit, incitement to violence against the constitutional order, and illegally trafficking in weapons. Convictions could bring prison terms of up to 20 years or even life.



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