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Nezavisne novine

3 October 2001
Nezavisne novine

Nezavisne novine

Established in Banja Luka in August 1996, the daily national newspaper Nezavisne novine belongs to the Journalistic, Editorial, and Graphics Company (NIGP).

NIGP was originally created to provide an alternative to the limited information offered by state media and a professional platform for journalists eager to practice their work--as well as their rights--properly. The group includes the weekly revija Nezavisne novine (launched in December 1995), the daily dnevne Nezavisne novine, radio NES (launched in June 1997) and the women's magazine Minja (launched in October 2000).

Based in Banja Luka, Nezavisne novine has now opened offices in Mostar and Sarajevo. It employs 136 staff from all three ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The diversity of views and backgrounds among journalists and editors guarantees room for objective and comprehensive coverage of current events and investigations.

Distributed throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, the daily sells about 11,000 copies, 18,000 for the weekly. Each copy is said to reach eight or nine readers.

Contact information:

Address: Krajiskih brigada bb, 78000 Banja Luka
Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel: +387 51 313 341
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