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2011 Transitions Online Photo Competition

31 January 2012 Many thanks to everyone who entered the 2011 Transitions Online photo competition. Once again, we received hundreds of photographs from all over the region. The following are the winning photographs in each category.

The last day's of Mykola Fedoruk's tenure as mayor of Chernivtsi
Politcs and Democracy

Igor Konstantyniuk’s category-winning photo was taken during the last days of Mykola Fedoruk’s tenure as mayor of the city Chernivtsi in Ukraine. Fedoruk won the municipal elections five times between 1994 and 2010, with a significant majority. However, in the spring of 2011, a two-thirds majority of deputies from the Chernivtsi City Council voted for the early termination of his powers.

Business and Economy
The winning entry in this category, by Temo Bardzimashvili, depicts 72-year-old Moseh Bachiashvili working during the September 2011 grape harvest in the Kakheti region. Kakheti is the main wine producing region in Georgia, where wine exports account for a significant part of the country's economy.
The September 2011 wine harvest in the Kakheti region of Georgia

Everyday Life (and overall winner)
Another winning entry from Abbas Atilay. His photo depicts a Ketish villager carrying a goat as he returns to Khinalug, a remote village situated at the bottom of the Caucasus Mountains, in April 2011. Each November the majority of the village’s inhabitants travel about 150km to the lowland areas of Azerbaijan with their families and cattle. The journey takes about 12-15 days. At the end of spring they return back to the village.
A Ketish villager carrying a goat as he returns to Khinalug

Arts and Culture
The winning picture in the Arts and Culture category was submitted by Torokul Doorov. It shows women in a Kyrgyz village giving their blessings to boys at a circumcision ceremony.
Woment at a circumcision ceremony in Kyrgyzstan

Once again, thank you to everyone who took part. We’ll be running a new competition later in 2012. Follow Transitions Online on Twitter or Facebook to make sure you receive the details. And if you would like to develop your photography skills, don't forget to check out TOL Training's photojournalism course this summer.


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