Strangers in Their Own Land

Displaced by the war in the east of Ukraine, ethnic Roma struggle to find acceptance elsewhere amid enduring racism and prejudice. From Hromadske.

By Anastasia Kanareva and Bogdan Kinashchuk
24 July 2017
Around the Bloc
The Curious Case of Saparmurat Niyazov
The golden statue of late President Saparmurat Niyazov has disappeared from the center of Ashgabat. From
26 July 2017
Around the Bloc
Polish President Signs One, Vetoes Two Controversial Laws

Duda’s apparent defiance of the ruling party could end up to be a turning point on today’s political scene.

26 July 2017
Around the Bloc
WWII Bomb Found in Treasure Hunt Deactivated in Slovenia

Man who found the bomb and took it home instead of alerting authorities could face public nuisance charges.

26 July 2017
Around the Bloc
How Ukrainian Rebels Use Crowdfunding for Propaganda

Major crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and JustGiving have hosted campaigns by supporters of Donbas separatists. 

25 July 2017
Around the Bloc
Conditions Eased for Russian Programmer Accused of Inciting Unrest

While one suspect gets temporary relief, lawmakers move to abolish internet anonymity.

25 July 2017
Around the Bloc
Finally, Recognition for WWII Savior of Serbian Children

Austrian woman pulled strings to help save thousands of children from Ustasa concentration camps.

25 July 2017
An Ideal Conflict on the Dniester
Twenty five years after the end of the war, a resolution to the frozen conflict over Transnistria seems no closer; this situation suits plenty of people at the top just fine. From openDemocracy. By Vladimir Soloviev
24 July 2017
Not Just a Game

When Bosnia was torn apart, football clubs were ethnically cleansed along with the population. From The Conversation.

By Richard Mills
19 July 2017
When Revisiting History is a Threat

Why do the Belarusian authorities oppose the revision of the Great Patriotic War myth?

18 July 2017
Rise and Fall

Media freedom in Central and Eastern Europe has dramatically deteriorated since five countries in the region joined the EU. 

By Daniel Penev
17 July 2017
Conflict & Diplomacy
Celebrations and Shrugs as EU Visa Wall Falls for Ukrainians

Some hail cheaper, easier travel and a symbolic turn to Europe, but for others it’s a complication.

12 July 2017
Medieval Castles, Amusement Parks, and Underground Coffee Houses

In addition to being potential summer destinations, these 11 cities can give you a better understanding of Ukraine. From Hromadske.

By Natalia Tikhonova
7 July 2017
Conflict & Diplomacy
The Long Echo of the War
This year marks 20 years since the signing of peace accords in Tajikistan, a peace that might have come at the cost of its democratic freedoms. From openDemocracy. By Bakhtiyor Sobiri
5 July 2017
10 Things You Should Not Do in Belarus

In Europe’s “last dictatorship,” you should definitely be careful what you photograph and joke about. From European Radio for Belarus (ERB).

29 June 2017
Running in Place

Ukrainian officials haven’t stopped agitating for the release of political prisoners in Russia, but in an interview, the cousin of jailed film director Oleg Sentsov says she’s heard things are at a dead end. From Hromadske.

By Sergey Mokrushin
27 June 2017
What’s a House Without a Balcony?

A town in southern Armenia is determined to preserve its architectural heritage, including a peculiarity once fashionable in the 19th century. From Jamnews.

By Anahit Baghdasaryan
23 June 2017
Arts & Culture
'This Life Isn’t Worth a Damn'
More often than not, Czech intellectuals live a precarious existence. From The Conversation. By Jaroslav Fiala
21 June 2017
We Like It Here, But We Want to Go to Austria

For Chechen refugees, the route from Belarus to Poland only takes three days with the right papers, but for others it can take an eternity. From Euroradio. 

By Ales Pilecki
15 June 2017


Balkan Eye
In Class or in Jail?

A summer of attacks by Roma has Bulgaria again looking for answers, but, this time, politicians might actually be serious about it.     

19 July 2017
Fourth Estate
Through the Looking Glass

The Russian hunt for fake news isn’t exactly genuine.

10 July 2017
Middle Europa
Slovak Europeans Premium

A strongly pro-European nation, Slovakia is asking for treatment on par with its Western neighbors, and willing to pay its dues. 

30 June 2017
Ivory Tower
Are We in a New Cold War? Premium

There are crucial differences between relations now and then between Russia/the Soviet Union and the United States. 

22 June 2017
Balkan Eye
De-Balkanizing the Balkans

Bulgaria’s EU presidency next year probably won’t be very grandiose, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have purpose. 

19 June 2017
Middle Europa
Common Sense Instead of Russophobia

The lessons that Lithuania has learned about Russia the hard way could prove valuable for other countries. 

13 June 2017
The Fourth Estate
Push the Alarm Bell Already Premium

It’s time to put the catastrophic state of the region’s media freedom front and center.

2 June 2017




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