In Donetsk, the Uses of Anti-Semitism
Were those vile leaflets handed out this week a sick joke? A reverse-smear campaign? By Halya Coynash
18 April 2014
Around the Bloc
Controversial Rights Bill Passes First Hurdle in Georgia, Kyiv Eyes Judicial Purge

Plus, northern Kosovo's Serbs tell the EU to get lost, and Uzbekistan turns kindergarten teachers into farm managers.

By S. Adam Cardais, Ioana Caloianu, and Erin Murphy
18 April 2014
Around the Bloc
Ukraine’s Oligarchs’ Loyalty Questioned, Russian TV Makes Inroads in Kyrgyzstan

Plus, Czechs greet their 10th anniversary in the EU with skepticism and supporters of political rivals brawl in Macedonia.

By Ioana Caloianu, Jeremy Druker, Marketa Horazna, Annabel Lau, and Piers Lawson
17 April 2014
Chinese Potions in Czech Hospitals

An Eastern alternative is making its way into the country’s health system for the first time in history. From Respekt.

By Hana Capova
17 April 2014
Around the Bloc
Russian TV Banned in the Baltics, Ukraine Pleads for Slovak Gas

Plus, the Hague tribunal rejects Mladic’s attempt to stop his genocide trial and Bulgarian g-men seize thousands of antique artifacts.

By Ioana Caloianu, Barbara Frye, Ky Krauthamer and Lily Sieradzki
16 April 2014
Around the Bloc
New Armenian Premier Named, Russia Braces for Early Fire Season

Plus, Lavrov accuses the West of double standards on Ukrainian press freedom, and a former U.S. envoy to Kosovo paves a golden road to a new career.

By Ioana Caloianu, Barbara Frye, Marketa Horazna, and Ky Krauthamer
15 April 2014
Around the Bloc
Another Siege in Eastern Ukraine, Serbia Takes Aim at Tax Cheats

Plus, a report alleges evidence tampering in the probe of the Riga supermarket collapse and Russians in Estonia reject separatism. 

By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Annabel Lau, and Lily Sieradzki
14 April 2014
Arts & Culture
From Small Things

A Tajikistani couple work to keep the art of miniature painting alive in a country where it once flourished.

By Jamila Sujud
14 April 2014


The New EU
Putin and the European Right: A Love Story

Apologists for the Russian leader are poised to make big gains in the EU elections next month.

16 April 2014
Middle Europa
Long-Distance Friendships

An ambivalent relationship among some NATO allies feeds a sense of insecurity in Central Europe.

15 April 2014
Middle Europa
The Russia Factor

Hungary’s energy deal with Moscow is suspect for its secrecy but in some ways makes sense.

8 April 2014
Balkan Eye
The Complicated Charm of Mr. Putin

Frustrated leftists and disaffected rightists see a standard-bearer in the Russian president.

3 April 2014
Middle Europa
What do Andrej Kiska and Viktor Orban Have in Common?

Slovakia’s new president heard the unspoken wishes of the electorate – just like the Hungarian prime minister.

1 April 2014
Russian Unorthodox
If You Want Coverage in Russia, Prepare to Pay

There are plenty of ways to describe what most of the country’s media do, but journalism is not one of them.

27 March 2014
Middle Europa
Experience and Loan-Sharking

A glossary of basic terms to help understand Slovakia’s upcoming presidential election.

25 March 2014


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Net Prophet
Crowdfunding kicks off in the Czech Republic with the help of
By Anna Kotlabova, 19 March 2014
Ukrainians, Russians on Social Networks: ‘In Case of War, Everyone Will Lose!’
By Tetyana Bohdanova, Global Voices Online, 9 March 2014
Russia warns of legal hassles for Bitcoin users
By Transitions Online, 7 March 2014
Ukrainian journalists take regime’s corruption public with YanukovychLeaks
By Tetyana Lokot, Global Voices Online, 3 March 2014
The Caucasus Network: in blogs, Russian is the common language
By Mari Bst, Global Voices Online, 21 February 2014
Roma Transitions
Dark-Skinned Danger
By Barbara Frye, 24 February 2014
Romanian president fined for anti-Roma slurs
By Transitions Online, 17 February 2014
Europe’s culture capital builds segregation wall
By Transitions Online, 26 July 2013
All Roma need is work and respect in order to change their lifestyles
By Mária Hušová, 15 July 2013
A First in History
By Uffe Andersen, 8 July 2013
Next in Line
In Macedonia, Dividends on Efforts to Keep Roma in School
By Daniel Petrovski , 4 March 2013
Turkey Without Europe
By Andrej Bán, 24 December 2012
Vukowar and peace
By Andrej Ban, 17 December 2012
Geothermal developments in Iceland: What the pipes let through
By András Németh, 12 December 2012
“The tension in the Western Balkans will persist for a long time”
By András Németh, 11 December 2012


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