Around the Bloc
Ukrainian Premier Wagers Political Future on Corruption Fight

Shock resignation of minister is putting Kyiv’s reform commitments under unprecedented scrutiny.

8 February 2016
Around the Bloc
Albanian Lawmakers Pass Logging Ban

Illegal and legal logging may have destroyed more than half the country’s forests since 1990, environmentalists say.

8 February 2016
Around the Bloc
Bosnians Rally Against Courtroom Hijab Ban

Prohibition on displaying all religious symbols in court is really aimed at educated female Muslims, critics say.

8 February 2016
Around the Bloc
EU May Send Troops to Secure Macedonian Border

Rallies against Muslim immigrants over the weekend put more pressure on national governments to appease the far right.

8 February 2016
Around the Bloc
Ukrainian Corruption Could Endanger IMF Loan

Sudden resignation of economy minister over high-level corruption could influence lender’s decision on the latest tranche of its bailout program.

5 February 2016
Around the Bloc
Turkey Rejects Russia’s Claim of Syria Invasion as Smokescreen

Ankara says the Kremlin is trying to divert attention from its own ‘crimes’ including ‘starving’ cities into submission.

5 February 2016
Around the Bloc
Lithuania to Reveal Names of 1,000 Holocaust Perpetrators
Book by Israeli Nazi hunter and local author prompts Lithuanian research center to identify those who helped carry out the Holocaust.
5 February 2016
Around the Bloc
U.S. ‘Shocked’ By Czechs’ Release of Lebanese Suspect
Release of kidnapped Czech nationals linked to Czech promise not to extradite Lebanese man facing U.S. charges of weapons smuggling and cocaine trafficking.
5 February 2016
Conflict & Diplomacy
West vs. East All Over Again

First Hungary, now Poland is lurching toward illiberalism. The Czechs must decide what to do about it. From Respekt

25 January 2016
Conflict & Diplomacy
Crimea in Darkness, Part 3
As Crimea’s power supply slowly returns to normal, TOL looks at how people are coping with blackouts and shortages. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. By Julia Ivanova
21 December 2015
Conflict & Diplomacy
Crimea in Darkness, Part 2
As its power supply slowly returns to normal, TOL looks at how the people of Crimea are coping with blackouts and shortages. You can read part one here. By Julia Ivanova (alias)
17 December 2015


Middle Europa
Where Are the Opposition Leaders?

Central Europe appears to be in the clutches of illiberal rulers. Charismatic opposition figures with backbone are in short supply.

27 January 2016
Balkan Eye
Lightning Strikes at Christmas Premium
Amid the deepening Russo-Turkish feud, incidents that at another time might look trivial are undermining Bulgaria’s institutions.By BOYKO VASSILEV
8 January 2016
Middle Europa
Same Question, Different Times Premium

More than a quarter century after the fall of Berlin Wall, liberalism is not the only game in town for Central Europe.

6 January 2016
Middle Europa
Personal Revenge as a Political Tool Premium
Central Europe is becoming a laboratory for populist manipulators.By MARTIN EHL
9 December 2015
Balkan Eye
Tied in the Russo-Turkish Knot Premium
Bulgaria should pray for Europe to lift the curse of history.By BOYKO VASSILEV
4 December 2015
Middle Europa
An Unlikely Leader in the Making? Premium
Last week the Czech Republic witnessed the emergence of Bohuslav Sobotka as a major new political player.By MARTIN EHL
24 November 2015
The New EU
The Resurrection of Vaclav Klaus Premium

At the get-together of Kremlin sympathizers in Greece last month, one of the headlines was the presence of Czech former President Vaclav Klaus.

13 November 2015



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