Kazcynski/Orban protest in Germany
Around the Bloc
A Disappointing Victory in Poland
Ruling party wins local elections, but exit polls suggest opposition gains.
22 October 2018
Hungary’s Damaging Media Market Distortion
A new study, featuring interviews with advertising and media market figures, offers the clearest picture yet of the skewed media advertising market. From the International Press Institute. By Marton Bede
22 October 2018
Around the Bloc
Putin Splashes Out on Uzbek Trip

Commercial, military, and scientific cooperation with Tashkent are all set for a boost.

19 October 2018
Around the Bloc
Ukraine, Poland Said Hit in New Cyberattack

IT company says three companies were compromised in attack similar to  takedown of Ukraine’s power grid in 2015.

19 October 2018
Around the Bloc
Stink Bugs Devastate Georgia’s Hazelnut Crop

With no income from the devastated orchards, some farmers are turning to smuggling to make ends meet.

19 October 2018
Bulgaria’s Trust Deficit

The spotlight cast by the brutal murder of a journalist reveals a troubled media landscape with the least freedom in the EU.

By Katherine Schulte
18 October 2018
Around the Bloc
U.S. Securities Losing Their Glitter in Russia

With gold attractively priced, Eastern European countries have been stocking up on the metal this year.

18 October 2018
Around the Bloc
Armenia Set for Snap Elections

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will resign in order to hold new elections that could cement his party’s rapid rise to power.

17 October 2018
Turkish Crackdown Drives Home Brewers to Drink

The Turkish government's cocktail of efforts to reduce alcohol consumption have contributed to a rebellious citizens' menu of homemade drinks.

By Emel Atay
11 October 2018
Economy & Business
PremiumThe Nation State is Obsolete

The hundreds of hackers gathering in Prague this week will see firsthand how the city’s crypto-anarchists are building a new social order, and how their movement is growing.

By Wasse Jonkhans
4 October 2018
How Disinformation Harmed the Referendum in Macedonia

Online campaigns calling for a boycott of the referendum and fake news sites have compounded the country’s media literacy problem. From The German Marshall Fund of the United States.

By Asya Metodieva
3 October 2018
PremiumOn the Margins
Mr. Gay Syria Film highlights plight of Syrian LGBTI refugees in Turkey, where growing conservatism means that their rights are increasingly under threat. By Emel Altay
2 October 2018
Inherited Migration

Emigration to escape poverty is so ingrained now in Moldova that a generation is accustomed to following in the footsteps of their parents. From Ziarul de Garda.

By Liliana Botnariuc
28 September 2018
Spiritual Capital: Why Ukraine Is Breaking From Russia’s Orthodox Church

The Ukrainian government has promised its citizens a new, independent Orthodox Church that will unite Ukrainian believers. But bringing several denominations together is harder than you think. From openDemocracy.

By Andrii Fert
26 September 2018
Mines and the Sea
Fishermen from Ukraine's Donetsk region are still going out to sea despite the sea mines. From Hromadske.
21 September 2018
Congress of Controversies

As Moldova finishes hosting the anti-LGBT World Congress of Families, many are still wondering about the financing of the event and the affiliation with the president. From Ziarul de Garda.

By Aliona Ciurca
18 September 2018

Russia is cracking down on minority languages – but a resistance movement is growing.

By Guzel Yusupova
14 September 2018
PremiumThe Beginning of the End for Orban in the EPP?

While this week’s vote indicates that Hungary’s strongman is drifting further away from the mainstream European People’s Party, any defection – forced or voluntary – would puncture his political influence on the continent.

By Political Capital
14 September 2018
Economy & Business
PremiumChinese Investment in Poland: Still Just Wishful Thinking

Polish hopes for a massive inflow of Chinese investors, establishing new factories and creating thousands of jobs, have not yet materialized.

By Lukasz Sarek
3 September 2018
Conflict & Diplomacy
Ancestral Homes Out of Bounds

Despite repeated complaints, Georgia is still preventing Ossetians now based in Russia from visiting the villages where they once lived not so long ago. From JAMnews.

By Zhanna Tarkhanova
31 August 2018
Armenia’s Political Parties Prepare to Test Their Strength

The vote for Yerevan mayor previews key parliamentary elections to come and tests the new government's vow to make elections fair. From Eurasianet.

By Bradley Jardine
24 August 2018
PremiumThe Secrets of Homemade Wine
A video report explores traditions related to winemaking in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.
22 August 2018
Ethnic Discrimination or Just Solving a Demographic Problem?

Abkhazia's Azkhara Foundation stands accused of providing assistance on an ethnic basis to local residents with big families. From JAMnews.

20 August 2018
PremiumPublic Outcry Over Animal Rights in Turkey
A stray dog that had its paws and tail severed has sparked a new debate over abuse. By Cagri Sari
17 August 2018
The Luxury of Oligarchy in the Swamp of Poverty
A video report explores the plague of oligarchy in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. From Ziarul de Garda.
15 August 2018
Economy & Business
Caspian Agreement May Trigger Cascade of Energy Projects

After decades of wrangling, the five Caspian states appear ready to cooperate. From Eurasianet.

By Peter Leonard
13 August 2018
Economy & Business
Kyrgyzstan’s North-South Road to Corruption

A new investigation reveals another side of Chinese infrastructure projects in Central Asia: elite corruption. From openDemocracy.

By Satina Aidar
9 August 2018
PremiumMore Than a Neighborly Gesture

Massive financial assistance from Romania has not only led to the renovation of hundreds of kindergartens in Moldova, dampening a major reason for emigration, but also imported best practices in local financial management.

By Madalin Necsutu and Ilie Gulca
8 August 2018
PremiumBetween Polesie and the Cosmos: Diary of Escape Becomes a Hit in Belarus

Wake up! A postmodern Thoreau urges his fast-growing fan club.

By Olga Bubich
7 August 2018
PremiumHow a Turkish Grandmother Turned Green Ambassador

Unlikely activist does her own research into the effects of coal-fired power plants and ends up informing the nation.

By Uygar Gultekin
1 August 2018
Mining Dispute Threatens Armenia’s Post-Revolutionary Political Consensus

The controversy pits the grassroots activists who brought a reformist government to power against foreign investors who promise the economic growth Armenia needs. From Eurasianet.

By Bradley Jardine and Grigor Atanesian
26 July 2018
PremiumBelarusian Media: Between the State and the Nosy Neighbor

Lukashenka’s government is steadily enlarging its sphere of control over domestic media while trying to limit Russian influence.

By Veranika Laputska
23 July 2018
Grandmothers on Loan

A Moldovan volunteering initiative gives abandoned children the loving Moldovan grandmothers they never imagined they would have. From Ziarul de Garda, a news and analysis site.

By Liliana Botnariuc
19 July 2018
Neighborly Cheer

Are the people from the former Yugoslavia pleased with Croatia's success in the World Cup? Yes they are. From Global Voices.

By Marko Angelov
18 July 2018
PremiumSerious Fun

Slowly but surely, activists across Eastern Europe and Eurasia are learning how games can change the minds and hearts of their fellow citizens.

By George Leech
12 July 2018
PremiumTemporarily “Home”

A personal story of domestic violence illustrates the value of housing for the victims, but Moldova still has far to go before the country reaches European standards in tackling the problem.

By Victoria Borta
10 July 2018
PremiumNo Quick Solutions for Turkish Asylum Seekers in Europe

Applications have soared since the 2016 failed coup attempt.

By Zeynep Yunculer
5 July 2018
Conflict & Diplomacy
A War for Hearts and Minds
Almost 10 years on from the 2008 war, Georgian civil society – both informal and formal – is increasingly engaging in the country’s breakaway territories. From openDemocracy. By Tatiana Kozak
3 July 2018


Middle Europa
A Crisis of Liberal Democracy? Not on the Local Level

Local elections in the Czech Republic and Poland demonstrate that not all is lost.

18 October 2018
Ivory Tower
The Kremlin’s Salesman

The smoothest purveyor of Russian propaganda puts on a show at Yale University.

10 October 2018
Middle Europa
How to Save Liberal Europe Premium

There are a lot of good ideas floating around, but how to find the politicians to turn them into real-life policies?

1 October 2018
Fourth Estate
Once More Into the Breach

The return of Radio Free Europe to Romania and Bulgaria is as clear a sign as any that the media situation hasn’t developed as many hoped.

24 September 2018
Balkan Eye
Split Heirs of Europe

Will Bulgaria follow the Visegrad group or toe the Brussels line?

20 September 2018
Middle Europa
A Decade’s Lessons Learned. But By Whom? Premium

Some people find it easy to forget just how destructive the financial crisis of 2008-9 was, but not the Latvians.

12 September 2018
Middle Europa
Unlucky Eight for the Czechs? Premium

Coming to terms with so many conflicting anniversaries in 2018 is even harder when national narratives and knowledge of history are lacking. 

29 August 2018


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