Around the Bloc
Czech Politicians Look to Feed Off Olympics Hype

Olympic fan parks across the Czech Republic, built at state expense, will open weeks ahead of regional elections.

29 July 2016
Around the Bloc
Iran Funded Kosovo Extremists, Pristina Says

Arrest may lead to more scrutiny of Tehran’s alleged financial support for Balkan Muslim groups.

29 July 2016
Around the Bloc
Google Maps Will Revert to Old Names for Crimea

After complaints from Russian-annexed region, the mapping service will undo changes in street, town and region names.

29 July 2016
Around the Bloc
Are Balkan War Criminals Getting Off the Hook?

Whether through death or court rulings, ex-Yugoslavs accused of gruesome crimes are slipping through legal cracks.

29 July 2016
Around the Bloc
$1.3 Billion in Weapons Flows from CEE to Middle East

Countries in Central Europe and the Balkans have discreetly been sending weapons that likely end up in war zones in the Middle East, investigation reveals. 

28 July 2016
Around the Bloc
Donald Trump Talks of Crimea Recognition
The Republican presidential contender said he “has nothing to do with Putin,” but suggests he might recognize the annexation of part of Ukraine if given the chance.
28 July 2016
Around the Bloc
Russian Orthodox Church Goes High-Tech to Reach Believers
In addition to usual messaging features, a new app will fulfill needs for “interaction and continuous contact between parishioners and the Church."
28 July 2016
Around the Bloc
Romanian Council Upholds Plagiarism Verdict for Former PM

Although Victor Ponta formally gave up his title in 2014, he still claims that plagiarism charges are politically motivated.

28 July 2016
NATO and Russia: The Road Ahead

Did the Warsaw Summit represent a significant new development – as is argued both by NATO lobbyists and by the blowhards in Moscow?

By Peter Rutland
25 July 2016
Yazidis on Edge

Armenia’s largest ethnic minority fears the impact of administrative reform on local-language education.

21 July 2016
Cubing in Prague

The Czech capital hosts the 2016 European Rubik’s Cube Championship, as the cube, a Hungarian invention, comes home to Central Europe.

By Elizabeth Potter and Gillian Rochkind
20 July 2016
With Blinders On

Russia’s privileged young millennials are savvy and sophisticated but also disillusioned, paranoid, and politically apathetic.

By Violeta Davoliute
19 July 2016
Whatever Happened to Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha?

Deposed in 1946 by the Communist takeover, only to become prime minister more than half a century later, the last Bulgarian monarch is still leading a busy life.

By Lyubomir Martinov
13 July 2016
Economy & Business
The Juggernaut Stumbles

The grim fate of Russia’s energy economy.

By Matthew Finkel
29 June 2016
Bracing for Brexit
The specter of the UK's departure  – and a possible jolt to their economies and remittance payments – is haunting Central and Eastern Europeans. By Lyubomir Martinov
22 June 2016
Arts and Culture
PremiumWhatever Happened to Pussy Riot?
Iconoclasts to some, icons to others – we look at what they’re up to today. By Anna Bisikalo
20 June 2016


Middle Europa
The King of Populism Looks for a Challenger

Czech President Milos Zeman is stepping up the political ante by mentioning a Brexit-like referendum.

26 July 2016
Balkan Eye
Bulgaria’s West-Bashers Embrace Brexit
The EU’s poorest country these days is full of ‘wooden philosophers’ inspired alike by Michael Gove and Vladimir Putin.By BOYKO VASSILEV
6 July 2016
Middle Europa
After Brexit, Central Europe Feels Lonely

“Frenemies” will likely become the best way to describe the changed relationship between the region and Britain.

1 July 2016
Middle Europa
Facing Off Against Fascism

The Slovak president and NGO sector are at least trying to figure out what to do next – unlike most of the political elite.

17 June 2016
Balkan Eye
Do I Love You More Than You Love Me?
Take care next time you call Cyrillic ‘the Russian alphabet,’ for you will surely offend a Bulgarian.By BOYKO VASSILEV
3 June 2016
Middle Europa
One Good Cop Is Not Enough Premium

Some recent cases in Romania and Hungary are heartening, but much more is needed to improve trust in public institutions.

1 June 2016
Middle Europa
Who is the Polish Opposition Now? Premium

Civic activists appear to have a better chance at effecting change than traditional parties.

10 May 2016


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