Arts and Culture
Art and Politics Do Mix

A showcase of artists in Prague provides a reminder that art can be a powerful political tool. 

By Anna Bisikalo
29 September 2016
Around the Bloc
Loved Ones of Silent Protesters at OSCE Meeting Targeted in Tajikistan
Mobs, led by Russian-style youth group Avangard, have attacked relatives of IRPT and Group 24 movement members.
29 September 2016
Around the Bloc
Israeli President Criticized for Repeating ‘Soviet Myth’ of Babi Yar at Ukraine’s Commemorations

Ukraine’s involvement in the WWII massacre and how to honor all the victims remains a contentious topic. 

29 September 2016
Around the Bloc
Bokova Out, Gregoriova In?

Bulgarian government nominates EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva as its candidate for UN chief, drops support for UNESCO chief Irina Bokova.

29 September 2016
Around the Bloc
Russia Outrages Romanians with Measly Donation to Buy Brancusi Statue

The 100 euro donation, and a video accompanying it, brought back memories of a Romanian treasure yet to be returned from Moscow. 

28 September 2016
Around the Bloc
Amnesty Slams Hungary’s ‘Anti-Refugee’ Campaign
Budapest has spent millions on a xenophobic campaign, while refugees are mistreated and left to languish in poor conditions, AI says.
28 September 2016
Around the Bloc
Russian Investigative Journalist Beaten in Siberia

Grigory Pasko, who teaches investigative techniques, was denounced as a ‘spy,’ ‘traitor,’ and ‘foreign agent’ ahead of his arrival in Altai for a seminar. 

28 September 2016
Around the Bloc
Poland Threatens to Undermine EU Plan to Ratify UN Climate Deal

Warsaw will only agree to fast-track EU approval of Paris Agreement on its own terms, Polish environment minister said. 

27 September 2016
Kosovo’s Booby-Trapped Field of Dreams

Serbian scholar Ivan Colovic’s new book is a powerful study of the struggle for mythmaking rights to a signal event in Balkan history.

By Uffe Andersen
23 September 2016
Economy & Business
Czech Ingenuity Puts New Shine on Endangered Craft

After barely making it through the ’90s and limping through the 2008 crash, Bohemia’s fabled decorative glass industry is on the rise again.

By Sandra Dondenne
20 September 2016
Proxy War for the Soul of Kazakhstan
Once a high roller on the political scene, now a wanted man, a former Almaty mayor makes his case for heroic status alongside the country’s founding father. By Robert A. Saunders
19 September 2016
How Kosovo’s Public Television Lost Its Luster

After years of praise for its editorial coverage, political interference jeopardizes the future of Kosovo's public broadcaster.

By Naser Miftari
14 September 2016
PremiumFrom Lads to Lords

In post-Soviet Russia, many a future tycoon learned the merits of teamwork, discipline, and respect for authority on the mean streets.

By Maxim Edwards
7 September 2016
Arts & Culture
PremiumBeauty and the East
Is it time to kick our addiction to ruin porn? From The Calvert Journal.
By Jamie Rann
6 September 2016
PremiumWhen There’s a Will, There’s a Way

A former refugee from Iraq, now running refugee services in the U.S., offers his recommendations for improving the anti-migrant climate in the Czech Republic.

By Jeremy Druker
31 August 2016
PremiumConfronting the Old Boys’ Club

Women struggle to make inroads in Czech politics, as some pin their hopes on quotas.

By Elizabeth Potter
26 August 2016
PremiumSupply and Demand

Due to an increasingly restrictive border regime along the ‘Balkan route,’ the business of people smuggling is on the rise.

By Sebastian Zimmermann
23 August 2016
PremiumArmenia’s Crisis and the Legacy of Victory

More than 20 years after it ended, Armenia is still experiencing the burden of victory in the war over Nagorno Karabakh. From openDemocracy.

By Tom de Waal
12 August 2016


Middle Europa
Forgotten Champion

Though Romania rarely makes its way into the international press, the country should be lauded for its recent progress.

14 September 2016
The Fourth Estate
War of Words Premium

Recent “news” about a transfer of U.S. nuclear weapons to Romania showcased how disinformation, whether Russian-initiated or not, can benefit Moscow. 

9 September 2016
Middle Europa
The Dangers of Patriotic Tourism Premium

Central Europeans are often spending their holidays at home these days – good for the local economy, but not for the local mentality.

18 August 2016
Balkan Eye
Projecting Soft Power Through Hard Talk Premium

Western envoys have often played the role of gadfly in Bulgarian affairs, to good effect.

10 August 2016
Middle Europa
The King of Populism Looks for a Challenger Premium

Czech President Milos Zeman is stepping up the political ante by mentioning a Brexit-like referendum.

26 July 2016
Balkan Eye
Bulgaria’s West-Bashers Embrace Brexit Premium
The EU’s poorest country these days is full of ‘wooden philosophers’ inspired alike by Michael Gove and Vladimir Putin.By BOYKO VASSILEV
6 July 2016
Middle Europa
After Brexit, Central Europe Feels Lonely  Premium

“Frenemies” will likely become the best way to describe the changed relationship between the region and Britain.

1 July 2016


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