Around the Bloc
Nazarbaev Wins Fifth Term in Astana, Armenia Marks Genocide Centenary

Plus, Putin says U.S. spies backed Islamic rebels in the North Caucasus, and Poland plans to block a Russian motorcycle gang.

By Timothy Spence
27 April 2015
Around the Bloc
Balkan Gas Corridor Unveiled, Chechen Leader Threatens Russian Police

Plus, the Macedonia tapes scandal reveals a twisted media scene, and Poland accelerates its military buildup.

By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Casper Frederiksen
24 April 2015
Who is Trying to Turn Kyiv into Donetsk?

Whatever the truth about the recent deaths of politicians and journalists in Ukraine, they can only harm the country. From Chetverta Vlada.

By Denis Kazansky
24 April 2015
Around the Bloc
EU Leaders Talk Migrant Crisis, Russia Accused of Bolstering Defenses in Eastern Ukraine

Plus, Obama angers Armenians on a historic anniversary, and Kyrgyzstan sees an uptick in underage marriages.

By Brian Kenety, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Casper Frederiksen
23 April 2015
Around the Bloc
Albanian Militants Stage Incident on Macedonian Border, Life Sentences for Russian Nationalist Killers

Plus, Azerbaijan considers Iran’s weapons offer in sign of growing rapport; Turkmenistan bans privately owned satellite dishes.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Casper Frederiksen
22 April 2015
Corruption and Romania’s DNA

Arrests and protests are making it harder for the country’s politicians to dodge a deep-seated issue. From LSEE. 

By Daniel Brett
22 April 2015
Around the Bloc
EU Readies Gazprom Market Abuse Case, Kazakhstan Could Host Syrian Peace Talks

Plus, Russia claims another Caucasus militant’s scalp, and Ukraine mulls a ban on Communist, Nazi symbols.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Evgeny Deulin, and Casper Frederiksen
21 April 2015
The Curious (Criminal) Case of a EuroMaidan Activist

If Crimea is Russia, then why is it trying a Ukrainian citizen who allegedly injured another Ukrainian citizen – in Ukraine?

By Halya Coynash
20 April 2015


The New EU
LOL in the CR

The Czech president’s ham-handed approach to his Victory Day trip to Moscow causes mirth in the cyber sphere and unease for his Slovak ally.

15 April 2015
Middle Europa
In Poland, a Tragedy of Negligence, a Legacy of Blame

Five years after the Smolensk crash, the most pressing lessons seem not to have been learned.

14 April 2015
Balkan Eye
Mysterious Ways

An odd Bulgarian debate raises the question of how agenda-setting works.

2 April 2015
Middle Europa
Innovation as Weapon

It’s not only mighty militaries that make countries strong.

24 March 2015
Middle Europa
Not so Quiet on the Eastern Front

Patriotism is in fashion again, as Lithuania’s fears of Russia lead to a discussion on renewing conscription.

10 March 2015
Balkan Eye
An Old Love Story with New Meaning

What have we lost with the fading of Mitteleuropa as a place and a state of mind?

5 March 2015
Middle Europa
Russian Demons in Central Europe

Many of the region's citizens have an aversion to anything Russian. That is to their detriment.

24 February 2015



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