Roma on Display in Lithuania
A local entertainment agency offers “extreme” tours of a Vilnius Roma settlement, and the authorities seem powerless to stop it. From
26 October 2016
Around the Bloc
Croats, Slovaks Biggest "Mama's Boys" in EU
Young people from EU’s southeastern countries live with parents longest in the EU, while young Balts and Central Europeans leave home earlier.
26 October 2016
Around the Bloc
Montenegro PM Resigns, Points Finger at Russia

Djukanovic decides to leave in the midst of accusations that Moscow was involved in alleged election day coup attempt.

26 October 2016
Around the Bloc
Kyrgyzstan's Ruling Coalition Collapses
President's party quits majority coalition over partners' refusal to support constitutional amendments.
25 October 2016
Around the Bloc
Belarus to Host Second Edition of European Games

Denmark cries foul as Baku, the games’ first host, passes the torch to Minsk, the only candidate for the 2019 competition. 

25 October 2016
Around the Bloc
NGOs: Reject Russia’s Bid to Join UN Human Rights Body
Russia’s role in Syria should disqualify it from representing Eastern Europe at the world’s foremost human rights body, global NGOs say.
25 October 2016
Around the Bloc
Uphill Climb to Gift Highest Peak to Latvia

Former Latvian refugee hopes to give country’s highest peak to the state for its 100th anniversary, but has met with legal roadblocks.

25 October 2016
Around the Bloc
Romanian President Under Fire for Advocating Tolerance

Gay marriage opponents and the Orthodox Church target Klaus Iohannis, days ahead of a landmark ruling on same-sex marriages. 

24 October 2016
The Victory of Abortion Rights Protesters in Poland Is Likely to Be Short-Lived

Despite the apparent victory of protesters in early October and new demonstrations that broke out yesterday, it remains likely that the government will still push for new restrictions on abortion. From EUROPP.

By Magdalena Mikulak
24 October 2016
Conflict & Diplomacy
Tatars Mark One Year of Blockading Crimea

A few hundred protesters vow not to let up the pressure until the peninsula is back in Ukrainian hands.

By Tatiana Kozak
19 October 2016
How Hungary and Poland Have Silenced Women and Stifled Human Rights

In the women’s movement in Central Europe, there are few moments to celebrate. 

By Andrea Peto and Weronika Grzebalska
18 October 2016
Double Discrimination
Despite high rates of social stigma, and reduced access to education, disabled Armenian girls and women are striving for a better life. By
8 October 2016
Around the Bloc
PremiumInto the Mainstream

As Czech students headed back to class this fall, their schools started implementing a long-awaited law that could finally end the de facto segregation of Roma students – though activists remain skeptical. 

By Barbara Levin
3 October 2016
Arts and Culture
PremiumArt and Politics Do Mix

A showcase of artists in Prague provides a reminder that art can be a powerful political tool. 

By Anna Bisikalo
29 September 2016
PremiumTrump, Putin and Race

The real reason behind this odd bromance.

By Peter Rutland
27 September 2016


Ivory Tower
Putin and the West: What Next?

Just when relations between Russia and the West seemed to have reached an all-time low, things have taken a turn for the worse this fall.

17 October 2016
Balkan Eye
The Region That Did Not Win
How Bulgaria’s UN campaign sheds some light on Eastern Europe’s problems.By BOYKO VASSILEV
14 October 2016
Middle Europa
It’s the Economy, Stupid!

Poland and Hungary’s cultural counter-revolution follows naturally from the region’s economic and political developments.

13 October 2016
The Fourth Estate
Not-So-Phantom Menace Premium
Reporters Without Borders warns of increasing oligarch control over the media and the effect that is having on journalism in Eastern Europe and beyond.By PETER GROSS
3 October 2016
Middle Europa
A Referendum on Fear Premium
On Sunday, Hungarians will express just how much they fear an influx of refugees.By MARTIN EHL
30 September 2016
Middle Europa
Forgotten Champion

Though Romania rarely makes its way into the international press, the country should be lauded for its recent progress.

14 September 2016
The Fourth Estate
War of Words Premium

Recent “news” about a transfer of U.S. nuclear weapons to Romania showcased how disinformation, whether Russian-initiated or not, can benefit Moscow. 

9 September 2016


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