Moldovan Homecoming

After years of living and working abroad, can homeward-bound Moldovans make their entrepreneurial dreams come true? From Ziarul de Garda.

By Liliya Zakharia
22 February 2017
Around the Bloc
Former Guantanamo Inmates Struggle in Unfamiliar Balkan Conditions

A journalist was stopped by police moments after interviewing a Yemeni man who was relocated to Serbia last year.

23 February 2017
Around the Bloc
Azerbaijan Strategizes Return to Karabakh

President orders to rebuild ruined village in a showcase of the country's progress in regaining disputed region.

23 February 2017
Around the Bloc
Russian High Court Quashes Activist’s Conviction

Ildar Dadin is the only person punished so far under a law that criminalizes excess protesting.

23 February 2017
Around the Bloc
Russia Targets NATO Troops
Estonia warns of Russia's unconventional methods to discredit NATO.
22 February 2017
Around the Bloc
Azerbaijan’s First Lady Appointed Vice President

Move comes on the coattails of a referendum seen as part of President Aliyev’s strategy to cement his family’s grip on power. 

22 February 2017
Around the Bloc
EU Slams Polish Pick to Head Constitutional Court

Hungary said likely to stand by Warsaw and stymie a possible vote on sanctions.

21 February 2017
Around the Bloc
Are Russian Suicide Games Spreading to Central Asia?

Kyrgyz and Kazakh authorities close online groups, question children over social media ‘death groups.’

21 February 2017
Pyrrhic Victory for Georgia’s United National Movement

Although Mikheil Saakashvili retained the UNM’s brand after its split, has he also damaged the party’s chances at acting as a stable opposition force?

By JAM News
20 February 2017
Prepaid Surveillance

The Polish authorities are sacrificing citizens’ fundamental rights in a misguided strategy to increase security.

By Anna Obem
17 February 2017
Protecting Eastern European Journalists, Before It’s Too Late

More than half a year after the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet, his colleagues are frustrated about the apparent lack of progress in finding his killers. From Hromadske. 

16 February 2017
Newspapers Without News

Moldova has been a regional leader in open government, but the media recently launched a campaign to highlight backtracking on commitments to greater transparency.

14 February 2017
‘Is What We Do Immoral?’

Sex workers, NGOs, lawyers and doctors debate the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution in the South Caucasus. From Meydan TV. 

By Gunel Movlud, Edita Badasyan, and Gayane Mkrtchyan
10 February 2017
Armenia: Before the Gold Rush

A British mining company has struck gold in southern Armenia. What’s in it for the locals? From openDemocracy.

By Peter Liakhov
9 February 2017
Azerbaijan's Jews: Hard-Won Harmony

The Caucasus country’s deep-rooted Jewish community is holding on in the face of massive emigration. From Meydan TV.

By Gunel Movlud, Aziz Kerimov, and Gaji Gajiyev
8 February 2017
Can Russia Be Remade From Below?

Douglas Rogers' book on the role of oil as a source for state-building in the Perm region suggests more diverse trajectories for Russian political development than commonly assumed.

By Andre Haertel
7 February 2017
Leveling Out

As the new Lithuanian government urges emigres to return home, the education of their children moves center stage, with promising results.

By Linas Jegelevicius
6 February 2017
Dialing Up the Diaspora

After years of promises, Armenia’s leadership President Serzh Sargsyan says it’s high time to get Armenians abroad more involved in development policy, but will the diaspora even be interested? 

By JAMnews
3 February 2017
Blow After Blow

Tabloid tells abusers how to exploit Russia's decriminalization of domestic violence.

By Kevin Rothrock
1 February 2017
An Easy Target for Russia

The anti-Belarus smear campaign in Russian media has gained momentum and even led to arrests at the end of last year. 

By Andrei Yeliseyeu and Veranika Laputska
26 January 2017
There in Theory, Absent in Practice
In Russia, children with special educational needs are often lucky to get any education — or any work afterwards. From openDemocracy. By Tatyana Dvornikova
25 January 2017
Arts & Culture
How to Save Armenfilm

A group of young people have united around the idea of reviving Armenia’s once renowned but now run-down studio, but it won’t be easy. 

By JAMnews
18 January 2017


Ivory Tower
Introducing Trumpology

Flynn’s departure complicates the notion of a radical shift of U.S. policy on Russia, but how likely was that anyway?

15 February 2017
Middle Europa
Why Vladimir Meets Viktor

Putin’s visit to Budapest is yet another signal of changing loyalties and orientations – once unthinkable just a few years ago. 

1 February 2017
The Fourth Estate
Evolution Gone Wrong Premium

Predicting media development in Romania after it happens.

30 January 2017
Middle Europa
How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot  Premium

The recent scandals of the Polish opposition were of its own making, and have set back attempts to unnerve the ruling party.

13 January 2017
Ivory Tower
The Return of Kremlinology Premium

Whatever the truth about who knew what and about whom, it is clear that the Kremlin sees itself locked in an ideological war. 

12 January 2017
Ivory Tower
Putin and Trump: Where From Here? Premium

They might outwardly seem willing to wheel and deal. But it’s increasingly difficult to see how any agreement might actually look.

20 December 2016
Middle Europa
The Question of the Poor East Premium

A success story at first glance, southeastern Poland’s development is still lagging behind in areas needed to make the locals happy.  

12 December 2016


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