Around the Bloc
Changed Status of Central Asian Big Cat Might Have Been Premature

Although no longer endangered, snow leopards remain on the list of threatened species.

20 November 2017
Around the Bloc
Belarus Says It Cracked a Ukrainian Spy Ring

The operation was led by a Ukrainian journalist and involved an embassy adviser, according to the Belarusian KGB.

21 November 2017
Around the Bloc
Russia Confirms Radiation Incident

Source of radioactive cloud that spread as far as France in September has not yet been identified.

21 November 2017
Around the Bloc
Saakashvili Explodes as Kyiv Sends Eight Georgians Home

Ukrainian security agency says men were deported for endangering national security interests.

21 November 2017
Around the Bloc
Europe’s Child Poverty Hot Spots

Risk of poverty is high in Balkans, Baltics, and southern Europe, while Slovenia and Czech Republic are doing better.

21 November 2017
Around the Bloc
Anti-Fascists Criticize Latvian Independence Day Celebrations

Torchlight procession that followed largest military day parade since 1991 was similar to Nazi Germany marches held in the 1930s, critics say.

20 November 2017
How to Lose Friends and Alienate Muslim Voters
Barbie Hijab comment highlights why some Russian activists don’t support presidential hopeful Navalny. From Global Voices. By Christopher Moldes
20 November 2017
Around the Bloc
Scandal Erupts at EU Kosovo Law Mission

Departure of chief judge raises more questions about the impartiality of the mission.

17 November 2017
Economy & Business
Whatever Happened to Badri Patarkatsishvili’s Riches?

It has taken almost a decade, much of it filled with intrigue, to settle outstanding questions over the estate of a multibillionaire once considered the wealthiest man in Georgia.

By Claudia Harmata
13 November 2017
Conflict & Diplomacy
Unforeseen Consequences
Has Uzbekistan’s repressive government helped radicalise its emigrants and exiles? From The Conversation. By John Heathershaw
8 November 2017
PremiumFading Into Irrelevance

Macro- and micro-history are adeptly intertwined in an absorbing story of a small Central European town.

By Martin Ehl
6 November 2017
Central Asia and the Bolshevik Revolution Centennial
Although it happened thousands of miles away, and did not reflect any of the local political currents at work in 1917, the October Revolution had a profound impact on Central Asia. From By Alexander Morrison
2 November 2017
Arts & Culture
Other Images, the Same World
Discovered after almost half a century, the undeveloped works of Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte feed into an insatiable hunger for the past. From Decat o Revista. By Gabriela Piturlea
30 October 2017
The Ajvar War
In Macedonia, memories of a crackdown on a beloved culinary tradition are still fresh. From Global Voices. By Dragan Kucirov and Goce Arsovski
24 October 2017
How Poroshenko Passed an Unpopular Law

The Ukrainian authorities tried to conceal the extension of a law granting special status to Donbas, while the parliament bowed to the president’s will. From Hromadske International.

By Nastya Stanko and Maksym Kamenev
17 October 2017
Russification or Expanding Opportunity?

As Georgian-language schools disappear in South Ossetia, supporters say the move will expand the horizons of local pupils, while critics claim discrimination. From JAMnews.

11 October 2017
Inside Tomsk’s Political Machine

The Siberian city’s gubernatorial election, rigged and managed from above, illustrates how the electoral system really works in many Russian regions. From openDemocracy.

By Rinat Miftakhov
29 September 2017
PremiumA Small Town in Bulgaria Sees Its Chance to Shine

Razgrad emerges from obscurity on the back of a local team’s international sporting success.

By Peter Georgiev
28 September 2017


Middle Europa
Slovak Optimism Reloaded

Unexpected wins – and losses – in Slovak regional elections reverse a Central European trend.

9 November 2017
Ivory Tower
1917: What Is There to Celebrate?

Mostly Russians are ignoring the messy question of what happened back then, and even Vladimir Putin can’t come up with a consistent narrative.

7 November 2017
Balkan Eye
An Entirely Different Game

A former Bulgarian soccer star has been making headlines for getting up on his soapbox about Catalonia’s independence. 

27 October 2017
Middle Europa
Uncharted Waters with Populists Ahead Premium

The stakes are extremely high ahead of the Czech elections, which could be a potential game changer for the entire region. 

19 October 2017
Fourth Estate
A Mystery in Albania Premium

Russia? Again? Buying, controlling, manipulating, using media in other countries?

17 October 2017
Balkan Eye
Top of the (Neighbors’) Pops Premium

An interesting communist-era, TV-watching trend in the Balkans has its repercussions – even today. 

6 October 2017
Middle Europa
Late Bloomers Premium

The Czech weapons that have appeared in Azerbaijan might indicate that Central Europeans are finally learning the realpolitik games of the West.

2 October 2017


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