Is Georgia Still Safe for Azerbaijani Dissidents?

Azerbaijani dissidents are wondering whether Georgia will remain a safe haven, given its western neighbor’s record investments. From openDemocracy.

By Lamiya Adilgizi
25 May 2017
Around the Bloc
Nationalist Leader to Head Bulgarian Ethnic Relations Council

A deputy premier who has described Roma as "ferocious humanoids" is to head a body charged with finding ways to end ethnic discrimination.

26 May 2017
Around the Bloc
Strong Economic Indicators Buoy Polish Government

Western Europe should envy our economy, spokesman says. But is the Polish model exportable?

26 May 2017
Around the Bloc
Russia Reportedly Investigating Chechen Gay Purge
Human Rights Watch says Chechen officials approved the brutal roundup and torture of dozens of men.
26 May 2017
Around the Bloc
Romania Fined by International Court in Domestic Violence Case
Although the phenomenon is widespread, its victims find little empathy in a society dominated by traditional gender roles, and little help from authorities.
25 May 2017
Around the Bloc
Popular Czech Finance Minister Finally Replaced
Drawn-out process of naming a successor to billionaire Babis led to protests and worries about state of democracy.
25 May 2017
Conflict & Diplomacy
The (New) State of Alania

A recent referendum renaming South Ossetia opened up the age-old topic about Alanian history and heritage in the Caucasus. From JAMnews.

By Mikhail Shevelev
24 May 2017
Around the Bloc
Dozens Detained in Raids on Ukrainian Tax Offices

Corruption crackdowns have tended to fizzle out in Ukraine. Will this one be any different?

24 May 2017
Time of the Poisoners
A thorough account of the killings of Ukrainian nationalists by the KGB brings up parallels between the Russia of the 1950s and today. By Taras Kuzio
23 May 2017
Special Treatment

The use of punitive psychiatry against political opponents appears to be on the upswing in post-Soviet states.

By Madeline Roache
19 May 2017
Changing the Rules of the Game in Moldova
In Moldova, changes to the electoral system are afoot – but the motivations seem far from democratic. From openDemocracy. By Mihai Popsoi
17 May 2017
Economy & Business
Made in Uzbekistan Brand Wows Tajikistan
When a delegation of traders from Uzbekistan recently came to show off their wares in Tajikistan, it caused a minor sensation. From
15 May 2017
Economy & Business
Bringing Home the Bacon

Young Slovaks seem to have higher work standards than previous generations, and not everybody is happy about that. From Global Voices. 

By Tibor Blazko
11 May 2017
Back to the Future?

Poland’s conservative government believes a return to the structure of the old educational system can produce smart, modern kids. Many disagree.

By Wojciech Kosc
10 May 2017
PremiumA Potent Mix

Recent incidents in Belarus show that pan-Slavism and Neo-Nazism do go together.

By Veranika Laputska
9 May 2017
Arts & Culture
The Forgotten Art of Karakalpakstan
A Moscow show brings a little known avant-garde collection from Uzbekistan to a wider audience. From
4 May 2017
PremiumA Peek into Wonderland

What has happened to Mezhygorie, the infamously opulent estate of former President Victor Yanukovych, since he fled the country three years ago? 

2 May 2017
On the Waiting List
Internally displaced people from the Nagorno Karabakh conflict have spent more than two decades in temporary housing, despite Azerbaijan’s promises of resettlement. From the Caucasian Knot. By Faik Medzhid
27 April 2017


Middle Europa
Taking Their Chances

A newly formed Slovak movement is challenging a neo-Nazi stronghold in central Slovakia. 

26 May 2017
Balkan Eye
Smooth Operator

With his third ascent to power, an adaptable Boyko Borissov seems to embrace yet another role.

18 May 2017
Middle Europa
The Czech Republic’s European Question

Beyond power games, the current political crisis centers on checks and balances underlying liberal democracies in the region.

12 May 2017
The Fourth Estate
The Fake Newness of Fake News Premium

World faked out by phenomenon known oh so well in Eastern Europe!

3 May 2017
Middle Europa
Where Are the Macrons of Central Europe? Premium

Attitudes towards the EU, and optimism versus pessimism, offer partial explanations for their scarcity. 

26 April 2017
Ivory Tower
Putin Joins the Climate Change Deniers Premium

Were his comments just off-the-cuff remarks, or a reflection of a deeper policy change?

18 April 2017
Middle Europa
How to Be an Optimist in a Populist Central Europe Premium

The thriving startup and entrepreneurial culture gives one hope about the future of the local labor market. 

13 April 2017




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