Georgia’s Pankisi: No Jihadist Hotbed Here

A commander in the world’s most feared Islamist militant group may hail from here, but locals say it’s hardly a terrorist breeding ground. From

By Paul Rimple
11 July 2014
Around the Bloc
Torture, Abductions in Eastern Ukraine, Pilot Caught in Ukraine-Russia Standoff

Plus, no early release for a Serbian war crimes defendant, and a meningitis outbreak in Armenia?

By S. Adam Cardais, Ioana Caloianu, and Madeleine Stern
11 July 2014
Around the Bloc
Russia Says U.S. 'Kidnapped' Accused Hacker, Chechen Activist Jailed on Drug Charges
Plus, bed-shy Prague hospitals turn away emergency patients, and Russia and Georgia could resume regular air traffic after eight years. By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Mane Grigoryan, and Madeleine Stern
10 July 2014
Around the Bloc
Russian Energy Titans Battle, Ukrainian Asylum Seekers on the Rise

Plus, Tajikistan rounds up hundreds of sex workers and Armenia drives a hard bargain in Eurasian Economic Union entry talks.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, and Madeleine Stern
9 July 2014
Conflict & Diplomacy
Crimea Bans Another Tatar Leader

Flimsy ‘extremism’ accusations fuel repression of the peninsula’s indigenous people.

By Halya Coynash
9 July 2014
Around the Bloc
Shevardnadze Remembered, Ukraine Awaits Slovak Gas Bounty

Plus, a new twist in Poland’s abortion debate, and Crimea’s finny commandos caught up in a hostage crisis.

By Piers Lawson, Ioana Caloianu, Mane Grigoryan, and Madeleine Stern
8 July 2014
Around the Bloc
Ukrainian Cities Face Government Siege, Tourists Shun Crimean Beaches

Plus, more violence in Macedonia as Albanians clash with police, and Russia puts new restrictions on foreign Internet companies.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Mane Grigoryan, and Madeleine Stern
7 July 2014
Around the Bloc
Military Shakeup in Ukraine, Transdniester and Moscow Ink Trade Deal

Plus, a Serbian journalist is brutally beaten, and a European court slams Russia for violating human rights.

By S. Adam Cardais, Mane Grigoryan, and Madeleine Stern
4 July 2014


Boyko Vassilev
Balkan Eye
The War to Remember and Forget

In some ways World War I killed Bulgaria’s last, best dream, but it doesn’t have to stay dead.

3 July 2014
Middle Europa
Poland's Tarnished Golden Age

The release of compromising recordings of top officials takes the shine off a time of self-congratulation.

1 July 2014
Russian Unorthodox
Russia’s Buttinski Nomenklatura

From panties to cigarettes to shoes to cancer drugs, they know what’s best for everyone.

26 June 2014
The New EU
An Inscrutable Ally

The Czech leader’s remarks on NATO and Russia are a source of worry and puzzlement in some quarters.

18 June 2014
Middle Europa
Will the Visegrad Four Survive Ukraine?

The crisis to the east is severely testing cooperation in Central Europe. 

17 June 2014
Balkan Eye
The Vanishing of the Russophiles

Bulgaria’s vocal pro-Russia majority turned out to be a minority when it came time to cast ballots.

5 June 2014
Middle Europa
The (New) Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

On the anniversary of elections that threw out the Communists, Poles greet Obama with high hopes.

3 June 2014



Net Prophet
Crowdfunding campaign to support Russian eco journalists
By Transitions Online, 24 June 2014
Dushanbe suspected in Google, YouTube blackouts
By Transitions Online, 16 June 2014
Czech IT potential up and coming among OECD countries
By Anna Kotlabova, Transitions Online, 11 June 2014
3 ways the Russian government plans to police the web
By Kevin Rothrock, Global Voices Online, 4 June 2014
Serbian bloggers censored for criticizing flood relief efforts
By Danica Radisic, Global Voices Online, 27 May 2014
Roma Transitions
Dark-Skinned Danger
By Barbara Frye, 24 February 2014
Romanian president fined for anti-Roma slurs
By Transitions Online, 17 February 2014
Europe’s culture capital builds segregation wall
By Transitions Online, 26 July 2013
All Roma need is work and respect in order to change their lifestyles
By Mária Hušová, 15 July 2013
A First in History
By Uffe Andersen, 8 July 2013
Next in Line
In Macedonia, Dividends on Efforts to Keep Roma in School
By Daniel Petrovski , 4 March 2013
Turkey Without Europe
By Andrej Bán, 24 December 2012
Vukowar and peace
By Andrej Ban, 17 December 2012
Geothermal developments in Iceland: What the pipes let through
By András Németh, 12 December 2012
“The tension in the Western Balkans will persist for a long time”
By András Németh, 11 December 2012


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