Separate Living
With no social housing system in the Czech Republic, and discrimination rife among landlords, many Roma families are afraid they'll be left with nowhere to go. By Frantisek Bikar
13 October 2015
Around the Bloc
Kosovo Minister’s Arrest Sparks Violent Protest
Albin Kurti was questioned by police for releasing tear gas in parliament in protest of deal with Serbia
13 October 2015
Around the Block
Hungarian MEP ‘Spying’ for Russia May Lose Immunity

Far-right Jobbik party member Bela Kovacs, nicknamed ‘KGBela,’ allegedly covertly met Russian diplomats.

13 October 2015
Around the Bloc
Lukashenka Wins Fifth Term
Belarusian president wins in another landslide, as ties with West improve.
12 October 2015
Conflict & Diplomacy
The Endless Ping-Pong of Accusations Over Karabakh
Old wounds remain open decades after the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan began.
By Evgeny Deulin
12 October 2015
Around the Bloc
Bulgaria Enlists Hollywood Help
Public-private initiative aims to boost ‘film tourism’ to the Balkan state.
12 October 2015
Around the Bloc
Mongolia Mulls Scrapping Corruption Cases
Ministers propose new version of a vetoed law granting amnesty to convicted fraudsters.
12 October 2015
Around the Bloc
Russian Strikes Support Assad’s ‘Legitimate Authority’
Putin confirms Russian airstrikes in Syria aim to bolster Assad's regime, but denies targeting non-IS opposition forces.
12 October 2015
Whatever Happened to Tbilisi Zoo? – A Eulogy of Sorts

In the days after the tragic June flood, Georgian civil society showed its maturity and sense of duty.

By Vazha Tavberidze
2 October 2015
A Cold Welcome

The Baltic states' mixed reception for refugees is drawing criticism from elsewhere in Europe. 

By Aliide Naylor
29 September 2015


Balkan Eye
Tossed by the Waves of History

Bulgarians are feeling torn between fear of an influx of refugees and empathy with their plight.

5 October 2015
Middle Europa
How Refugees Opened the East-West Divide
The crisis is having a greater impact on the European Union than we're probably willing to admit.By MARTIN EHL
30 September 2015
Middle Europa
Will the Real Statesmen Please Stand Up? Premium

Why post-communist countries must stop blaming Germany and start offering help to refugees.

9 September 2015
Balkan Eye
The Real Meaning of ‘Shop ’Til You Drop’ Premium
Malls have a lot to tell about what went well and what went wrong with the Bulgarian transition.

Malls have a lot to tell about what went well and what went wrong with the Bulgarian transition.

4 September 2015
Middle Europa
State Business Premium

The economic development of post-communist states is being hijacked by short-term political interests.

25 August 2015
The New EU
Conflicts of Interest: Press vs. Public Premium

For the oligarchs who control the Czech print media, the purpose of owning a newspaper is to acquire a ‘nuclear shield’ against critics.

19 August 2015
Balkan Eye
Bulgaria’s Edgy Relationship With the Vox Populi Premium
The people want their voices heard, but referendums are not deeply rooted in the political culture of Central and Eastern Europe.By BOYKO VASSILEV
12 August 2015


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