Around the Bloc
More Physical, Legal Barriers for Migrants
Migrants clashed with police on Macedonia’s southern border over the weekend.
30 November 2015
Around the Bloc
Kosovo Opposition MP Arrested

Albin Kurti and 86 others rounded up amid latest anti-government protests in Pristina.

30 November 2015
Around the Bloc
Baltic Gas Pipeline Under Fire
Poland, Slovakia among those working to block new Nord Stream pipeline corridor between Russia and Germany.
30 November 2015
Around the Bloc
Hungary Pressed to Reverse Refuge Laws

Council of Europe’s top rights official urges Budapest to scrap laws that criminalize migration.

30 November 2015
Around the Bloc
No Quick Fix for Blacked-out Crimea

Russian official concedes that completing an ‘energy bridge’ to the region could still take weeks.

30 November 2015
Around the Bloc
Croatian Parties Fail To Agree On New Premier
Newcomer party could play kingmaker role when consultations resume.
27 November 2015
Around the Bloc
Moldovan Police: Paramilitary Band Planned Uprising

 Group allegedly aimed to set up a breakaway territory like those in eastern Ukraine.

27 November 2015
Around the Bloc
Criminals Face Albanian Politics Ban
Elected and appointed officials could be barred from public service for 10 years or more.
27 November 2015
Crime and Corruption
Moldova: Water – Source of Corruption?

Moldova’s environmental fund give grants without much oversight; one to the village of Gura Cainarului may land its mayor and local business in hot water.

By Marcela Zamosteanu, and Dorin Galben
20 November 2015
A ‘Bucket of Mud’ for Belarus
The country’s mercurial leader first welcomes the Nobel Prize in literature for Svetlana Alexievich, then attacks the world-famous writer. By Tatiana Kozak
19 November 2015
Freedom from Expression
Balkan EU hopefuls failing to ensure freedom of expression, the European Commission says.
By Tihomir Loza
17 November 2015


Middle Europa
An Unlikely Leader in the Making?
Last week the Czech Republic witnessed the emergence of Bohuslav Sobotka as a major new political player.By MARTIN EHL
24 November 2015
The New EU
The Resurrection of Vaclav Klaus

At the get-together of Kremlin sympathizers in Greece last month, one of the headlines was the presence of Czech former President Vaclav Klaus.

13 November 2015
Middle Europa
Corruption Nightmare: Ungovernable Countries Premium
A third of Romania’s political elite face prosecution or are already in jail, a third fear they will be, and a third still think themselves untouchable.By MARTIN EHL
10 November 2015
The Winner Takes the Burden Premium

This is maybe his 10th or his 11th election victory, and friends and foes alike have lost count. Boyko Borissov, the prime minister of Bulgaria, looks unbeatable. 

5 November 2015
Middle Europa
Who’s Afraid of Big, Bad Jaroslaw? Premium
We shouldn’t be so quick to describe Poland’s new government as a ‘threat to democracy.’By MARTIN EHL
27 October 2015
Middle Europa
Europe On the Edge Again Premium
Could the Baltic states‘ stance on Russia be adopted by the EU after testing times?By MARTIN EHL
14 October 2015
Balkan Eye
Tossed by the Waves of History Premium

Bulgarians are feeling torn between fear of an influx of refugees and empathy with their plight.

5 October 2015



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