Around the Bloc
Dozens Held in Baku LGBT Roundup

Activists draw parallel to last spring’s brutal crackdown on Chechen gays.

25 September 2017
Around the Bloc
Uzbekistan Exempts Thousands From Mandatory Cotton Picking

‘Students should study, state employees should work,’ prime minister says after dramatic change of policy.

25 September 2017
Around the Bloc
Slovenia-Croatia Border Row Reignited

Slovenian prime minister canceled planned meeting with his Croatian counterpart over rejection of arbitration ruling.

25 September 2017
Around the Bloc
Kyrgyzstan Accuses Kazakhstan of Election Meddling

Nursultan Nazarbaev’s talk with a Kyrgyz opposition candidate sparks row between the Central Asian neighbors.

22 September 2017
Around the Bloc
German Elections Reveal Political Rise of Russian Minority

Although most have been in the country for two decades or longer, many Russians don’t follow German media and look to Moscow for support.

22 September 2017
Around the Bloc
Poland, NATO Launch Major Military Exercises

War games come hard on the heels of Russian-led maneuvers in neighboring Belarus.

22 September 2017
Around the Bloc
Albania’s Waste Problem Rears Its Head

Many countries would be glad to rid themselves of waste, but Prime Minister Rama says the country needs to import the stuff.

21 September 2017
Around the Bloc
Another Killing Shakes Montenegro’s Historic Kotor

A gang war is raging in the tourist haven, Montenegrin opposition parties claim.

21 September 2017
Old Dog, New Tricks
Steven Seagal rediscovers celebrity in Central Asia, and the implications are alarming. From Global Voices. By Peter Paul Rankin
20 September 2017
Lessons from Lenin

Those advocating for removing historical statues in the U.S. would be well-served to examine the debates in the former Soviet Union about tearing down the figures of the past.

By David Mould
14 September 2017
Singing from the Heart

Despite being stripped of its funding after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Yerevan’s famed blind choir is still fighting for its existence. From JAMnews.

By Gayane Mkrtchyan
12 September 2017
'How Can I Not Go Into the Forest?'

Poaching in the Chernobyl zone continues, and it’s not hard to see why. From Euroradio.

8 September 2017
Macedonia's Former Ruling Party Accused of Inflaming Xenophobia Ahead of Local Elections
The anti-migrant campaign has led to violence against some journalists. From Global Voices. By Filip Stojanovski
7 September 2017
An Ever-Present Past

Four generations of Moldovan teachers talk about the lessons of Soviet-era deportations to Siberia. From Ziarul de Garda.

By Maria Svet
6 September 2017
Underground Belarusian
If you want your kids to grow up speaking Belarusian, you’ll need to fight for it. From openDemocracy. By Alena Spasyu
1 September 2017
Arts & Culture
How to Start a New Life in an Old Transylvanian village

Two young people from Bucharest brought to life the history and culinary traditions of an ethnic German village in Romania. From Decat o Revista. 

By Ana Maria Ciobanu and Mircea Restea
23 August 2017
Economy & Business
Eurasian Union Luster Starts to Fade in Armenia

While Russia remains Armenia’s guarantor of security and most important trading partner, resentment over the hugely unequal relationship is growing. From JAMnews. 

By Naira Hayrumyan
17 August 2017
Alexei Navalny and the Moral Pillars of Democracy
Will the restoration of democratic institutions in Russia usher in a liberal paradise? The answer could very well be 'no.' From openDemocracy. By William Echols
15 August 2017


Fourth Estate
Media Mis/Trust and Other Paradoxes
Although the results of recent surveys in Central and Eastern Europe seem hard to piece together, they are telltales of the regional mood.By PETER GROSS
23 September 2017
Middle Europa
Whose Values?

It doesn’t make sense to apply a postmodern interpretation of societies that are only now undergoing the modernization process.

12 September 2017
Ivory Tower
Shirtless Putin and the Future of Russia Premium

Should we read anything into the latest macho poses of the president?

4 September 2017
Middle Europa
Tread Lightly, Mr. President Premium

Could Macron’s tactics on workers’ pay backfire and benefit the region’s populists?

31 August 2017
Balkan Eye
An Unmitigated Breakthrough Premium

Bulgaria and Macedonia sign a historical treaty that could prove a key turning point in a region riddled with identity questions.

29 August 2017
Fourth Estate
Be Wary of ‘Progressive’ Journalism Premium

Activist, ideologically driven reporting isn’t what we need to fight back against the endemic media capture across the region. 

24 August 2017
Middle Europa
In Defense of Jaroslaw Kaczynski Premium

Behind the Polish strongman’s drive for legislative changes lie issues that need to be addressed. 

31 July 2017


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