Around the Bloc
Macron, CEE Leaders to Discuss Contentious Labor Rules

Critics say French president’s vision of a more ‘protected’ Europe means discrimination against low-wage EU countries.

18 August 2017
Around the Bloc
Afghan Refugee Family Offered Serbian Citizenship

Thousands more migrants and refugees remain stranded in Serbian camps, trapped by higher European entry barriers for non-whites.

18 August 2017
Around the Bloc
Ukraine Conspired Against Trump, MP Claims
President’s accusation of a Ukrainian ‘sabotage’ effort apparently based on Politico story.
18 August 2017
Around the Bloc
Eight Years for Convicted Kyrgyz Opposition Leader

Opponents of President Atambaev are given long prison terms, for the third time this month.

17 August 2017
Around the Bloc
Ulyukayev Bribery Trial Opens in Moscow

Former minister says Putin associate Igor Sechin played the decoy in a politically-motivated sting operation against him.

17 August 2017
Around the Bloc
TAP Progress is Music to Albanian Ears

Much-needed investment is flowing into the Balkans but the pipeline still requires additional financing. 

17 August 2017
Economy & Business
Eurasian Union Luster Starts to Fade in Armenia

While Russia remains Armenia’s guarantor of security and most important trading partner, resentment over the hugely unequal relationship is growing. From JAMnews. 

By Naira Hayrumyan
17 August 2017
Around the Bloc
Kyiv Protests Kerch Strait Closure

The project to link Russia to Crimea is on schedule, Russian engineers say.

16 August 2017
Alexei Navalny and the Moral Pillars of Democracy
Will the restoration of democratic institutions in Russia usher in a liberal paradise? The answer could very well be 'no.' From openDemocracy. By William Echols
15 August 2017
Arts & Culture
The Deep Delights of Old Goris

With cave dwellings going back centuries, the picturesque Armenian town has all it takes to be a popular tourist attraction. From JAMnews. 

11 August 2017
Around the Bloc
‘Bulgarian Las Vegas’ Granted Priority Investment Status

The sprawling, Chinese-led St. Sofia project will include hotels, casinos, office spaces and residential areas. 

10 August 2017
Georgia’s Invisible Brides

‘A woman who was kidnapped should tolerate everything, there is no other way out,’ a victim believes, whereas the men responsible rarely face serious punishment. From JAMnews. 

By Naniko Sisvadze
4 August 2017
Strangers in Their Own Land

Displaced by the war in the east of Ukraine, ethnic Roma struggle to find acceptance elsewhere amid enduring racism and prejudice. From Hromadske.

By Anastasia Kanareva and Bogdan Kinashchuk
24 July 2017
Not Just a Game

When Bosnia was torn apart, football clubs were ethnically cleansed along with the population. From The Conversation.

By Richard Mills
19 July 2017
PremiumWhen Revisiting History is a Threat

Why do the Belarusian authorities oppose the revision of the Great Patriotic War myth?

By Vadzim Bylina
18 July 2017
PremiumRise and Fall

Media freedom in Central and Eastern Europe has dramatically deteriorated since five countries in the region joined the EU. 

By Daniel Penev
17 July 2017
Conflict & Diplomacy
PremiumCelebrations and Shrugs as EU Visa Wall Falls for Ukrainians

Some hail cheaper, easier travel and a symbolic turn to Europe, but for others it’s a complication.

By Tatiana Kozak
12 July 2017


Middle Europa
In Defense of Jaroslaw Kaczynski Premium

Behind the Polish strongman’s drive for legislative changes lie issues that need to be addressed. 

31 July 2017
Balkan Eye
In Class or in Jail? Premium

A summer of attacks by Roma has Bulgaria again looking for answers, but, this time, politicians might actually be serious about it.     

19 July 2017
Fourth Estate
Through the Looking Glass Premium

The Russian hunt for fake news isn’t exactly genuine.

10 July 2017
Middle Europa
Slovak Europeans Premium

A strongly pro-European nation, Slovakia is asking for treatment on par with its Western neighbors, and willing to pay its dues. 

30 June 2017
Ivory Tower
Are We in a New Cold War? Premium

There are crucial differences between relations now and then between Russia/the Soviet Union and the United States. 

22 June 2017
Balkan Eye
De-Balkanizing the Balkans

Bulgaria’s EU presidency next year probably won’t be very grandiose, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have purpose. 

19 June 2017
Middle Europa
Common Sense Instead of Russophobia

The lessons that Lithuania has learned about Russia the hard way could prove valuable for other countries. 

13 June 2017



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