Crimea’s Vanishing Religious Communities

Re-registration requirements and other red tape are driving out priests, nuns, even visiting imams. From Forum 18.

By Felix Corley
23 January 2015
Around the Bloc
Poroshenko Insists on ‘Unitary’ Ukraine, Top Schools in Tajikistan Under Threat

Plus, Poland’s president rejects his foreign minister’s Auschwitz remark and the Paris attacks cloud Romania and Bulgaria’s Schengen hopes.

By Piers Lawson, Ioana Caloianu, Barbara Frye, and Will Sandeman
23 January 2015
Around the Bloc
New Cracks in EU Front on Russia, Think Tank Warns of IS Push in Central Asia

Plus, tough talk from Moscow on gas for Europe, and prosecutors want Seselj back in The Hague.

By Barbara Frye, Ioana Caloianu, Anders Ryehauge, and Will Sandeman
22 January 2015
Around the Bloc
Lavrov Calls for New Ukraine Cease-Fire, Russians Offered Free Land in Far East

Plus, governments scramble to defend currencies against the skyrocketing Swiss franc, and Armenia takes a fresh look at EU integration.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Anders Ryehauge, and Will Sandeman
21 January 2015
Arts & Culture
For Tajik Film, Nowhere to Go but Up

Modest investments into Tajikistan’s devastated film industry are starting to reap dividends both domestically and abroad.

By Jamila Sujud
21 January 2015
Around the Bloc
Fighting Nears Central Donetsk, Balkan Neighbors at Odds Over Trepca Mine

Plus, bomb blasts shake Albania’s second city and a major Eurasian communications link comes closer to reality.

By Ky Krauthamer, Ioana Caloianu, Anders Ryehauge, and Will Sandeman
20 January 2015
Conflict & Diplomacy
Eyeing Tajikistan’s Weak Spot, Russia Presses for Integration

Life gets tougher for migrant workers whose countries don’t belong to Moscow’s trading bloc. From

By Konstantin Parshin
19 January 2015
Around the Bloc
No New Cease-Fire for Ukraine, Mass Killing in Armenia Prompts a Call from Putin

Plus, jihadists reportedly expand their recruitment drive in Kyrgyzstan, and rights groups protest the jailing of a Macedonian journalist. 

By Timothy Spence
19 January 2015


Middle Europa
The Polish Thatcher?

The new prime minister has a chance to become a star if her government’s tough decision to overhaul Europe’s largest coal company doesn’t backfire. 

13 January 2015
Balkan Eye
Contempt of Court

Bulgaria’s judiciary is in dire need of reform, but making changes will be harder than most people expect.

8 January 2015
The New EU
Good Night and Goodbye? Not This Time

The Syrian refugee crisis may force the Czech government and most citizens to rethink their ‘Who, us?’ stance on migration. 

17 December 2014
Middle Europa
Hungarian Blues

It’s been a bad week for the country’s leader and a bad era for the country.

9 December 2014
Balkan Eye
In Bulgaria’s Weakness, A Newfound Strength

The country’s rickety new coalition government could be the best thing to happen to its contemporary politics. 

4 December 2014
Middle Europa
Election Fiasco

Computer glitches during Poland’s local elections call into question all the progress we’ve been celebrating the past few months.

25 November 2014
Middle Europa
In Search of Lost Time

Overcome with nostalgia for the wonder of 25 years ago, our columnist offers his own definition of ‘transformation fatigue.’

11 November 2014


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